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Back to School / Bulgarian

By Roseywinter @roseywinter
I'm back in school! I'll be graduating this December. :)
It was a hard decision... well, two very hard decisions. First, to decide to leave school, and the second when I decided to return. I think I just needed time to find myself, and taking 6 months off school definitely did that!
Without going in to too much detail, I found my passions again life... old and new. I know that everything happens for a reason, and I trust God and The Universe to steer me in the right direction! If God is infallible, then why do I worry? Even when things look bleak, I have to trust and keep my faith & hope.
So what am I doing now? Working on my senior film project, Imaginary. Imaginary is about an artist that falls in love with a man from her dreams and struggles with the reality of it all, and whether or not the love she feels is real. She later comes to find out that her imaginary lover is real after all. We'll be filming it this month, and it should be ready for release in December, around the time I graduate.
I've also taken an active interest in learning Bulgarian! And, on that note, here's a beautiful song by Миро (Miro) called "Някога Преди" (Nyakoga Predi... in English something along the lines of: "Sometime Before" / "Ever Before" / "Once Upon a Time")
I really love this song ♥

The lyrics:
BULGARIAN: почти през всички тези дни.
Дали и Ти за мен не си
живял някога преди? Колко съм раздал, колко съм отнел, времето ще заличи...
Но никой не успя в мен да промени твоите черти. Гледам се сега, някак отстрани,
времето по мен личи.
Всичко се мени, а Ти? За теб не знам, но аз бях сам
почти през всички тези дни.
Дали и Ти за мен не си
живял някога преди? И никой като Теб... няма като Теб!
И аз и ти не сме тук случайно.
Няма никой като теб,
и аз не съм със Теб случайно...


almost all of those days.
Whether have you also
lived for me ever before? What I gave, what I took, time will erase ...
But nobody could change your lineaments inside me . I'm looking myself now, somehow from the side
time is seen on me.
Everything changes, what about you? I do not know about you, but I was alone
almost all of those days.
Whether have You also
lived for me ever before? And no one is like You ... there is not like You
Both me and you are not here by chance.
There's nobody like you
and I'm not with you by chance...

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