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Back To School

By Koridonahue @blondeepisodes
Back To School
Good morning friends.  I hope you had a great Monday and are on your way to a wonderful Tuesday.  I am a bit busy.  I officially got my keys to my new place yesterday and am shopping and packing like crazy!  I also happen to be starting school next Monday, so I have to get in my classroom and prepare for that as well.  The Lord is pouring out so many blessings on me the past few months, that my priorities and my attitude have changed a bit.  
The beginning of the school year is always tough for me.  The kids are disrespectful (I teach high school), and seem to try to test me in every way possible.  Once they realize I care, and they can't get away with much, they become little angels.  But, until then, every year I cry and wonder how much longer I can do it. So, keeping that in mind, I've decided to take on a new attitude this year, to see if it makes a difference.
This year, I plan to:
1.  Go in with a smile on my face the first day and be firm, but not so rigid.

2.  Not take anything personally, and realize that kids aren't necessarily trying to upset me or be rude, but they just don't know any better...yet.3.  Not argue with students or give them the satisfaction of getting me upset.  I will simply ask them to leave if they are a problem, and not risk my safety because I'm trying to make them better citizens.4.  Get my work done at work, so my time is my time.  I will be traveling a lot, so grading on the go is not an option this year.5.  Continue to volunteer for committees, panels, and anything that can help the school run more effectively and show the kids I care.6.  Get plenty of exercise, go to bed early, drink tons of water, and get up early for good mental health.7.  Remember I can make or break a kid's day.  What I say matters, and I have the ability to inspire teenagers and help them feel good about themselves.8.  Be positive, positive, positive and don't let little things stress me out.9.  Come up with new and fresh ideas to make learning fun.10.  Not get lazy and into a rut...stay focused and remember I'm there to help kids succeed.  

So, what do you think of my list?  

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