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Back to School 2011: Emily's "Reading" List

Posted on the 29 August 2011 by Cinefilles @cinefilles

With every new school season, comes a new set of  books you're expected to devour in record-breaking time. In an effort to cope with your endless list of reading lists, you are often forced to turn to the next best thing to the book: the movie adaptation. In an attempt to get into the back-to-school spirit - and possibly give you a head start on your slacker studying,  over the next week, we will be giving you a sampling of our favourite page-to-screen adaptations. First up - Emily's ecclectic DVD library faves.
Back to School 2011: Emily's
Release Date (Book / Movie): 1991 / April 2000
What the Back Cover Should Read:  A tame rendering of the despicable (yet brilliant, in a  fucked-up-for-a-reason way) of Bret Easton Ellis' oft-banned, 1980s set book. The Stateside serial killer in question is Patrick Bateman, a bone-coloured business card carrier by day and misogynistic murderer and rapist by dinner reservation time.
Why It's Worth Checking Out: If the plot sounds even mildly too-much for you, you might want to steer clear. (And DON'T EVEN THINK OF reading the book.) But you can handle gore and appreciate a quality Huey Lewis and the News analysis, rent it now. There's plenty of buff Christian Bale bod in it for you.
Back to School 2011: Emily's
Release Date (Book / Movie): 1868 / Christmas 1994
What the Back Cover Should Read: A sweet, family-friendly imagining of the Louisa May Alcott novel of the same name, which like the literary classic, follows the March Sisters (Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy) as they grow from play-putting-on imps into truly individual ladies.
Why It's Worth Checking Out: While it technically takes place in the late 1880s, Winona Ryder plays the second-eldest and most interesting sister (Jo, a.k.a my personal idol) with early 1990s rebel girl pinanche. Oh, and Christian Bale (apparently the dude just knows good page-to-screen adaptations) will knock your highly elaborate knickers off as the original boy next door, Laurie.
Back to School 2011: Emily's
Release Date (Book / Movie): 1960 / 1962
What the Back Cover Should Read: A Southern 1950s summer as recounted by Scout Finch, a tomboy and daughter to her town's top attorney, Atticus Finch. While racial tensions within the community heat up, Atticus takes on a controversial case (rumour has it a black man,Tom Robinson raped a young white woman) and Scout becomes obsessed with the town recluse Boo Radley.
Why It's Worth Checking Out: One of the best film adaptations of all-time. Seriously. Even Harper Lee (the truly amazing Pulitizer Prize-winning book's author) didn't complain. It's that spot-on. The story is well-maintained. And the casting is impeccable. I mean, Gregory Peck IS Atticus Finch

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