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By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls and Erin share a birthday. This year the three girls plotted their perfect birthday. They wanted to take a horseback riding lesson together. This presented some challenges. Our girls are advanced riders. Erin is a beginner, having only taken a few lessons. Monday the start aligned when I called the stable. They had three spots available in the beginner lesson. 

All three girls were so excited that it was hard to believe they made it through school. When they all got into our car they were electric. They all talked at the same time. Somehow they all understood what was going on in each conversation.

When they finally made it into the riding ring they all had huge smiles. I had forgotten what a beginner class looked like until I saw the riders struggling to keep control of their horses. Some horses just walked to the middle while the riders tried to keep them on the wall. Some horses decided to walk when they were supposed to be trotting. 

Our girls looked a little bored at times since they were used to the advance lessons. Before they went into the ring I told them to remember that they have already gone through the beginner lessons. Their instructor recognized the problem and offered to have them ride bareback. The blond twin had her horse's saddle off immediately. The brunette twin decided not to do it.

After the lesson all three girls smelled. It was so strong that I kept opening the car windows to get some fresh air. The girls decided they should bottle the barn smell. They were sure they would make a fortune selling the fragrance.

Sometimes I watch their lessons and forget out far they have come. I see where they are rather than remember what it was like when they first started riding. Tonight was a good reminder about how hard the girls worked to earn their advanced rider status. It was fun to go back, but they will be happy to be in their advanced class Friday evening.

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