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Back in K.L.

By Agnes

back in kl

I don't think I'll ever get tired of this sky line. Lying in my bed knowing I am in K.L. is pretty much all I need to feel content. 

Air asia
Haven't gotten to my new year's resolutions yet. Hardly ever bother but last year I did make a half-hearted attempt & think it helped me stay focused. Plus, letting my eyebrows grow out (well, to a certain extent anyway) was an excellent new-years-resolution move. I think the only thing that ended up not manifesting on last year's resolution list was making it to Hungary. Yes I know there's always next year, but somehow, and correct me if I am wrong, that there-is-always-tomorrow approach rarely ever produces the desired yield. But luckily enough, this is a new year and hopefully there are lots of tomorrows ahead.
stuff lying around
Having my mind split between so many realities all at once (traveling tends to that doesn't it) is hardly a good recipe for stringing coherent sentences so I bid you all a good night instead. Until next time. Agnes

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