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By Owlandtwine
Back Home.Back Home.Back Home.Back Home.Back Home.Back Home.
As I pull clothes out of suitcases sand falls through my fingers.  Our clothes still moist and smelling of the ocean, but when I breathe in deeply I do not feel my breath of simple ingredients that I have taken in so effortlessly, mostly, these past days - salt, water, sun, horizon.  And that ocean smell is no longer fresh and briny.  Now it is dank and saturated in the fibers, a memory.  And sand is sand.
It takes me a few days upon returning from travels to come back to my senses.  I am processing, remembering, stowing stories in my mind.  Don't cry because it's over.  Smile because it happened.   I must remind myself.  For now, a little local flavor. 

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