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Baby Wearing: Our First Back Carry

By Earthseamama @earthseamama
Now that Baby F is 9 months old I wanted to learn how to do some back carries. I was really nervous to attempt doing a back carry on my own so I attended a class at a local baby specialty store that sells baby carriers (Babes In Arms). The class was great and the instructor assisted me with our first ever back carry! It was a bit overwhelming because there is a lot going on during the process. Getting use to back carries with our Hunbaba Mei Tai is going to take some practice but I am no longer afraid. There are so many different options when it comes to getting your baby positioned on your back and the only one I feel comfortable doing at this time is the "Hip Scooch" there are other ways that you have to lift the baby over your head and onto your back and I just don't feel like I have the strength in my arms to do this safely.
Baby Wearing: Our First Back Carry So here it is our first ever back carry with our Mei Tai!! In this photo you can not really see how the chest strap is tied but the instructor showed me how to tie it Tibetan style...I am going to have to practice the different chest strap ties to figure out what works best for us. This experience made me realize that there are so many different ties for baby wearing that I was not even aware of so I need to start doing some research and educate myself more because there is a lot more out there than the simple front carries that I have been doing for the last 9 months! 
The baby wearing class at Babes In Arms was great, I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Babes In Arms...& the instructor...I am sorry I forgot your name! I will blame my Mommy brain for that :)
Additional Photos :
Baby Wearing: Our First Back CarryBaby Wearing: Our First Back Carry

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