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Baby Scream: Baby Scream (Special Extended Edition)

Posted on the 26 April 2013 by Hctf @hctf

Baby Scream

The self-titled Baby Scream album is being re-released as a a special extended edition. Basically on one-man project by Argentian guitar player Juan Pablo Mazzola the songs are carefully arranged powerpop songs. By addingu three mixes by producer JMuddy Stardust (Chris Robinson Brotherhood) and an early of stand-out track Jekyll & Hyde the listener is provided with an insider's view of the choices that were made for the final product. Truth be told: the Stardust mixes are inferior - the slightly clausotrophic feel doesn't sit well with the more open-minded approach on the original album.

Still, it's nice to have this album back in print. Recommended if you like early Pink Floyd, Marc Bolan and Jarvis Cocker.

Baby Scream:
Hernán Pascual: lead guitar
Juan Pablo Mazzola: vocals, rhythm guitar
Raúl Marcols: bass
Claudio Salas: drums

Baby Scream: Baby Scream (Special Extended Edition)

Baby Scream (Special Extended Edition) is released on OK Records (UK).

  1. Powerpop Crush
  2. Exile
  3. Jekyll & Hyde
  4. Mental Case
  5. The Ghost Of Valerie (Feat. Eric Dover)
  6. Watching The End of The World (On TV)
  7. Nipone
  8. Lazy
  9. What About You
  10. Twenty Seven
  11. Jekyll & Hyde(2005 demo)
  12. Powerpop Crush Muddy's Mix)
  13. Jekyll & Hyde (Muddy's mix)
  14. Watching The End Of The World (On TV) (Muddy's mix)

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HCTF review of Baby Scream.

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