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Baby Ryan's Bike

By Monetm1218 @monetmoutrie
Picture Sorry this picture is fuzzy. Downloaded from my sister's phone. You can still see that smile though! Many of you remember when my 2 year old nephew was in a drowning accident 18 months ago. You sent emails, gift packages, and prayers. Your support meant the world to me.
As you know, baby Ryan was revived, but he suffered extensive brain damage. My sister, a tireless example of grace and determination, has been sharing his story on her caring bridge site. The ups and downs, the trials and joys.
Just yesterday, Ryan had the opportunity to ride a Special Needs Bicycle for the very first time. Ryan still can't walk on his own or sustain himself without feedings through a g-tube, so seeing his joy as he peddled on this special bike was amazing.
I've set up an account to raise money for this special needs bicycle. It will help build Ryan's strength, and once he outgrows it, my sister and her family will make it available for another special needs child.
Even a donation as small as $5 will help. Thank you!

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