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Baby Diaries: Doody Fever

By Cbhojwani

Baby Diaries: Doody Fever
Baby Diaries: Doody FeverChunky and Chinky, the duo I have come to understand as my handlers, have done an adequate job of providing and caring for me in spite of irritatingly ‘ooing’ and ‘awing’ at every opportunity.  I’ve also noticed a growing obsession over my poo! That’s all the two discuss when they’re with each other; the weight, color and consistency. If you didn’t know better, you’d think they were talking about diamonds! They've even resorted to photographing me while I defecate claiming I have a 'Doody Face,' absurd I tell you! What's worse is that they now send pictures to one another of my soiled diapers! Perhaps this is how the chunky one wooed the chinky one?Baby Diaries: Doody Fever
This doody fixation was taken to another level when the chunky one began singing a song to me every time he cleaned my bum while over the sink. He calls it ‘The Doody Song’ (If I could facepalm, I would) and it goes like this;

‘Clean it good, do it right, My neck, my back,My pupdi and my crack.’
He calls it the 'P.Doody remix!' (facepalm facepalm facepalm). 
I blame rap music…..particularly, Khia!

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