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Baby Butchers at Planned Parenthood Endorse Hillary Clinton

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Your tax dollars at work.

Baby Butchers at Planned Parenthood Endorse Hillary Clinton

The New York Times reported yesterday that Planned Parenthood has endorsed Hillary Clinton. From their story:

"Planned Parenthood, which has become an ideological minefield in the 2016 presidential election, said Thursday that it would endorse Hillary Clinton - its first endorsement in a presidential primary in the nonprofit's 100-year existence. Mrs. Clinton will officially accept the group's support Sunday at a campaign rally in Manchester, N.H. "Everything Planned Parenthood has believed in and fought for over the past 100 years is on the ballot," said Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood."

Cecile Richards tweeted the picture of Hillary as well as the following:

"Today, we're proud to endorse ." "GOP candidates want to erase decades of progress for women: health insurance, birth control, abortion. We need her. In the White House." "In : Why is the right choice for women's & reproductive rights in 2016 → " "This election is much bigger than Planned Parenthood - it's about a whole generation of people & their right to health care." ". understands the lives of women & has been fighting for them her entire life."

In response to the last tweet, I asked Cecile the following: "Like those such as Broaddrick, Willey, Flowers, Lewinsky, etc.?" She chose not to reply to me. Shocker, not.


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