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B2B Marketing in Australia

Posted on the 10 August 2012 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

A huge thanks to the Australian Marketing Institute in commissioning Green Hat Marketing to produce the B2B Marketing Outlook Australia. In general we can speculate with some accuracy that B2B marketing compared to our B2C counterparts is a little behind the times and in Australia it is even worse.

However, the report by Green Hat highlights our intentions for the future. In fact as the report suggests if B2B marketing in this country continues on its current growth it will own more share of our marketing budgets than traditional marketing some time during 2014.

We all seen that coming though didn’t we?

It is where the report breaks down the information that it becomes interesting. Which to us seems some are getting it and others may just have their head in the sand. Can I summarise the key findings in one short paragraph? Try this.

Australian B2B marketers coming off the back of a larger than expected digital marketing spend in 2011, will continue to spend even more of their overall marketing budgets on digital. But there is a clear divide amongst us. One in four of us will spend 5%-20% more on social marketing but almost one in two will spend no more or no less. We’re going to spend more on our websites but we’re not too sure about online banner advertisements with 22% saying they will spend more and 15% saying they will spend less. LinkedIn is the clear favorite of the four key social media platforms amongst B2B and we’re increasing use of all four. We’re even more divided on the effectiveness of social media with one in three of us saying it is too early to tell.

If you’re the person who prefers a few pictures and at the end of the day we all do, please check out our infographic that sums it all up.

State of B2B Marketing in Australia [infographic]…

— Quentin Aisbett (@OnQMarketing) August 10, 2012

B2B State of Marketing Australia

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