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Ayurveda Meets Quantum Magnetic Analysis

By Luphil

Saturday morning we went to the Bharadwaja Ayurveda Chikitsa Kendra, where we had been some days before at the inauguration of the premises. My friend had arranged a meeting for an exam and I joined him, not knowing what would attend me; I just thought, maybe I’ll get some medicine against my cold and diarrhoea.

To my very surprise the health exam wasn’t “ayurvedic” at all: Dr. J.N. Murthy had an ultra-modern Chinese machine, a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analyzer (PDF), a rapid, accurate and non-invasive spectral testing method (I asked him for information material, you can read more about the machine here), analyzing a broad spectrum of symptoms and the state of minerals, vitamins etc. in the system.



My friend during the diagnosis

I was given a sensor to hold in one hand, and the machine started checking my body. After 2-3 minutes the doctor showed me the diagnosis of health issues, dysfunctions and deficiencies in different parts of my body. I was very astonished about the results, showing some serious things to deal with. Among others the machine diagnosed a strong degree of nicotine toxicity – for over 40 years I’m a non-smoker, but in my teens I smoked a lot during 3 years…


The device from a picture sent to me by Dr. Murthy
The doctor told us to come back in the evening, what we did. In the meantime he had examined the reports and proposed to us some naturopathic / ayurvedic medicines for a 3 months treatment. We got them from a nearby pharmacy and from him.
When we drove home through the bumpy roads to Tapovan I felt very happy about this unexpected health treatment.



The card of the center with the God of Healing, Dhanvantari

In the evening we had a talk with Mr. Joshi, the “spiritus rector” of Tapovana and brother of Mr. Murthy. He told us how the center had developed over the last years and now comprises over 40 houses and the huge hall – it is a very impressive group project.

P.S.: Now in Visakhapatnam I spoke this morning with Sri Kumar about the examination by Dr. Murthy and he said that He got tested himself and that the results are very good – and he himself  a collection of all kinds of diseases

Dr. Murthy brought the machine one month ago from a visit to China and it is the latest development of this kind of diagnosis.

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