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Awaiting the Onslaught

By Jules
You know that scene in every old wild west movie? The one where the cowboy/rancher/townsfolk would stop suddenly listening for something. They'd concentrate hard, scrunching up their face and then raising their head, focus on some small dust cloud in the distance. The dust cloud would grow larger and larger and dark forms within it would begin to take shape. The indistinct noise would change to a faint drumming, getting louder and louder until it could be recognised as the sound of heavy hooves as horses were ridden at full gallop carrying the full might of the native American tribes to bear down on the settlers. The look on the face of the cowboy/rancher/townsfolk was that of both fear and resignation as they realised that life was about to irreversibly change and that resistance was futile
It's pretty much the same feeling I get every June when the courgette plants start fruiting. How I've looked forward to getting my first courgette since sowing the seeds in March and gently tending to the seedling as they grew. This year I'm growing Striata, a stripy green courgette from Seeds of Italy and Gold Rush, a yellow courgette I obtained in a seed swap on a grow your own forum. Now we can see the first few fruits developing, ready to open their flowers for the insects and achieve full pollination. But a small part of me knows that my array of courgette recipes cannot possibly keep up with the supply once the plants get going.
Awaiting the onslaught

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