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* Avrie's BIG Catch!

By Keepingupwithsonnek @aJOschlomka
I mentioned in my Esparza wedding recap that Avrie spent the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Ertle at the lake. Grandma E LOVES to fish and for Easter, the Ertle Easter bunny brought Avrie a little fishing pole, that we packed to go along with her for the weekend.
While I loaded up grandma & grandpas car with Avrie's bags & car seat, she found a little friend out in the yard... I went over to her as she kept saying, over and over "hop! hop! hop! terrified that she was playing with a frog but...
* Avrie's BIG catch! [it was just a turtle, thank goodness!!]
With the car loaded up, I kissed my little girl "bye bye" and told her to have fun! She replied with a big ol' "cheeeeeeeeeeeeese"
* Avrie's BIG catch! [SO excited!]
Seeing that Aaron and I weren't at the lake, I don't have much to share as far as details, but my Mom did a great job documenting Avrie's 1st fishing experience & and all of the fun they had. I got this picture upon their arrival to the lake...
* Avrie's BIG catch! [she was SO excited to be at the lake w/ gma, gpa & REGGIE!]
I do know that I totally spaced out in sending her packed without a jacket or anything long sleeved or long pants (it was warm in the cities on that Friday and assumed that the weekend would be just the same. NOT the case.) Grandma went into town and picked up a cute jammie set from one of the main street shops. Oops.
I would say that the pictures tell a great story. * Avrie's BIG catch! [captaining the boat and casting her line]
 * Avrie's BIG catch![checking out her big catch!]
* Avrie's BIG catch!  [proud grandma & avrie's 1st sunny!]
Grandma also made a cute 5x7 photo keepsake that we have framed and placed on the fireplace mantel for display in our living room. Thank you Grandma & Grandpa Ertle for taking Avrie fishing for fishies! I know she enjoyed herself, because just the other day she pointed out her fishing pole that is tucked away in the garage, "AV's fishing pole!!"
* Avrie's BIG catch!  [grandma said that avrie was good luck!]
Avrie loves all things fish, so this was a really fun experience for her and we look forward to more fishing time in the boat on the lake the wrap up the summer!
**fishy kisses**

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