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Avoid Being Tracked by Online Ads

Posted on the 18 April 2013 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

One of the banes of participating in the online environment is being tracked and deluged by online ads. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if the information contained in the ads is actually needed by the recipient. What is particularly infuriating with unsolicited online ads is that one visit to a site of a particular nature is enough to initiate the avalanche of ads.

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Remaining Anonymous

If a computer user wishes to remain anonymous especially from unwanted attention such as aggressive online sellers, they should consider hiding their IP addresses. Not many users are aware that a lot of companies make use of online tracking software to learn about the browsing habits of individuals. For most advertisers, the smallest hint of interest such as hovering on a link and not actually clicking on it is enough reason to consider  an individual a person of interest.

This type of online tracking is essentially harmless but it can still be a bit disturbing just knowing that it is possible. It does violate the general sense of privacy which people treasure. What is more is that the tracking is carried out without consent thus resulting to unwelcome correspondences that usually come frequently. This gives rise to the need for some people to remain anonymous while conducting their online activities.

Reduction in Lieu of Stoppage

It is almost impossible to stop receiving online ads as long as one is participating in the online environment but it is possible to reduce the frequency and the amount of online ads received. The usual defense is comprised of putting an ad blocker which can be extended to block trackers. Computer users can also change their cookie settings so that sites visited will not be able to add bits of code that can reveal information about the sites visited. Users can of course make use of a browser’s setting options for private surfing.

The use of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service is another way to preserving privacy when browsing or surfing the Internet. Since it works to conceal a user’s real IP address, it can prevent unwanted attention from a user’s online activities. There is even an option that allows the change of IP address used after every few minutes to throw off those who are more aggressive in their tracking activities. It would be advantageous to consider VPN services and is one of the more useful resources for VPN reviews.

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