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Automate Manual Tasks With Microsoft Office Macros

Posted on the 12 August 2016 by @bonsoni

Do you "familiar with all devices expression is, but no idea? This is very convenient for many owners of Microsoft Office. As I'm sure most of you will agree, Microsoft products can be extremely powerful, but sometimes incredibly frustrating.

It makes no sense to have a lot of interesting tools, but will not be able to use properly and how the ease of automation of routine tasks manuals do not take into account.

Automate Manual Tasks With Microsoft Office Macros

If this sounds like you, do not worry, you are not alone! Most people use Microsoft Office for only a fraction of its potential. You must be an expert to benefit from the automation of manual tasks intensive labor.

Excel is more than just a glorified calculator
Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft Excel is more than just a glorified calculator and Word has come along in leaps and bounds since its early days after treatment words. In fact, all Microsoft Office programs offer a range of advanced features, including programmable macros that can be used to automate a variety of tasks - and they are not a young prodigy programmer should be!

natural deduction is the hardest part, what can and can not be automated, and then learn to do what can be automated. If you are not technically savvy, then it may be a good investment of time to participate in a training program run by a teacher.

Professional trainers often have development experience and are able to communicate in simple plain English technical jargon. It's your job, that's what they do best!

Creating macros for everyday manual tasks Boring
All Microsoft Office programs allow you to create macros that include links to tasks you do repeatedly. They can approach macros in two ways. The first is by programming lines of hand code, Eek! If this sounds like you, then you are Visual Basic for Applications more technical training go (VBA).

Fortunately, the second option is much easier, so they are able to record a common task by using a macro. It is similar to a T. V. program on your VHS player, simply press record recording and demonstrate the task and click Stop when finished. There is no programming to learn here!

For example, you can download an Excel document where the data of each week or month or manage and organize the same way each time to analyze the data? Or is regularly applied the same combination of sizes and styles? Macros can help; that will be your new best friend!

"This automated process works easily by recording keystrokes and mouse clicks that can be read and applied to new records whenever necessary - it's that simple! The series of commands are read from the right to perform a specific task that can be performed at regular intervals order."

Installation example of a simple macro
Please follow these instructions for how to install a simple macro. You could try to start Microsoft Word or Excel.

* Tools | macro | new macro
Enter the name of the macro in the Record Macro dialog box
* Click OK, you will notice a Stop Recording toolbar appears
You are now ready to record. Enter the commands and keystrokes necessary in order to complete the task.
* Click the Stop Recording button when you finish your job and voila - you all not too boring repetitive manual tasks, finally ready!

  • macro execution
    There are several ways to run the new macro. If you use the macro frequently, you can create a keyboard shortcut or keyboard to run it. Otherwise, you can only use the menu system - Here's a breakdown of what is involved in each:
  • With the Tools menu
    This approach is the most simple, but time consuming slightly:

* Select the cell where you want to start formatting
* Tools | macro | Click the name of the macro
* Click Run

    Assign to start a keystroke macro
    * Tools | macro | Click the name of the macro
    * Click Options and in the field Ctrl + another character
    Then you can use the key combination Ctrl + J and enter the macro to run at any time

Do not use any key combination that is already available as a copy, Ctrl + C

    performing a toolbar button with the macro
    This is probably the most noticeable when you create a macro that will be run by someone else:

* Tool | customize | Select the Commands tab
* Choose from the categories of macros
* Then you can drag the button custom toolbar, if necessary
* In the Customize dialog box, select Modify Selection
* Click Assign Macro, and click the name of the macro

Microsoft Office is feature to save time and effort to bring. Macros are a great way to minimize the time spent on repetitive everyday tasks. For more information on other activities office win macro development time and today there are a variety of online resources, or if an interactive approach with a Microsoft training company check Suite feel.

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