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Author Interview with Scerina Elizabeth

By Lauryn April @LaurynApril
Hello everyone, today I have an interview with Indie Author, Scerina Elizabeth where she talks about her latest novel, Fangalicious Divas.
Author Interview with Scerina Elizabeth
What inspired you to write your last book? 
My inspiration for my last novel “Fangalicious Divas: A Fanged Sister Prequel” came from me just wondering what if the women of the lives of the legendary monsters (i.e. Dracula, Wolfman, and Frankenstein) – what if they had their own “Real Housewives of…” reality show and how would their lives look if they were apart of such a situation. So, I tried my best to make each main character unique and strong with a very powerful yet with a touch of humor story to tell.
How did you come up with the title for your book? The title Fangalicious Divas came from me wanting to give it a very unique title that would not only stand out but also tell a tale in the title itself. Divas being that they are each divas in their own unique ways and Fangalicious because they are legendary creatures that we often hear about. 
Tell us about your main character. Well I have three main characters and I will tell you about each of them. (1) Mina Tepes is the true love of Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) who we all know have always been the one woman who have caught his heart as no other despite him having many lovers and brides – in movies and books we often see him with Mina Harker, which says something about her and his love for her. In my book, I have her as a motherly figure to all his other brides yet at the same tie she despises them because of how Vlad would often put them before her and ignoring not just her but even her needs for him as well. She is at the end of the rope and ready to walk out of his life, her story shows whether their relationship can survive and if their true love is truly strong enough; (2) Anya Martinez is a very territorial and possessive she-wolf who discovers her werewolf fiancée’ Sancehz Vargos is cheating on her with his ex-lover Stanzia Allegra and out of anger, she seeks revenge on him only to pay a very hefty price of her own indiscretion that would haunt her for the rest of her life. Her story just basically shows that despite all that has happened, when is true love and meant to be, true love will always survive no matter what; and last but not least (3) Elsa Frankenstein the bride of Frankenstein. Her story is just a touching story where she dreams of having a child but due to her situation and circumstances she is unable to have children but life has a way of working out for the best and her prayers are answer one fateful night when she comes to the rescue of a young mother with her infant daughter, I will stop here as I don’t want to give away the story.
What makes your book different from others in its genre? I honestly think that what makes my book different than most in this genre or other similar books is the fact that I don’t hold back and try my best to add my own personal touch to it without looking like a copycat. It is all in the writing style as well, we each have our very own style of writing and how we write is what makes our stories stands out from all the other similar ones. 
Do you have a favorite scene in the last book you wrote? Tell us about it. I do not have a favorite scene but I do have a favorite story and character – Elsa Frankenstein. I love how they came together to take care of the little infant Aurora – they were all like one big family caring for a little human infant. It was truly beautiful.
Who designed your book cover?
Author Interview with Scerina ElizabethI design my own covers.
How did you find your editor? I met my editors and proofreaders on Goodreads, my editor Robin Butler has been with me the longest and has always done a good job of editing on my books. She is the only one who I truly trust with editing any and all of my books.
What is the best resource for authors? For me, I would have to say reviews from the readers as their honest feedback is what helps improve your stories for the better. I learned the hard way that both bad and good reviews are critical tools in writing. Another good resource is having a really good team who can not only edit and proofread your book manuscripts but also beta read and work with you develop your storyline and characters. Catch what you are missing and in the long run make the book more enjoyable for the reader.

Do you have a day job, or are you a full-time writer? 
At the moment am looking for a part-time job that can help out with paying editors and other expenses related to writing. I prefer to focus more on my writing which is why I am looking for a part-time job.
What are you currently working on? Right now am currently working on a non-paranormal erotica novella about a Friendship with Benefits arrangement between a sexy mysterious man and a beautiful seductive woman called “The Arrangement” due out in October 2017
What kind of books do you read in your free time?
 I enjoy anything with Erotica and Romance in it but mainly Paranormal Romance Erotica is what I enjoy reading the most
Do you have a favorite book quote? I am not a 100% sure on this quote but I do believe Lestat de Lioncourt (of Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles) once said “Drink from me and live forever” when he first created Louis as a vampire – that is a line I loved. It best describes the making of a vampire and how I envisioned it. 
What are some things you’ve learned from publishing your first/most recent book? Don’t blow off bad reviews or take them personally – they are the best tools in improving for the better. Also, take the time to properly edit and revise your book manuscripts before releasing them, make sure the storyline runs smoothly so that the reader can truly enjoy it. Don’t set deadlines for releases unless you are absolutely certain that your book is ready to be published.
What makes your villain so scary/powerful? The fact that they display the worst parts of being a human and they are fictional creatures
What is your favorite/most frustrating part of the writing or publishing process? Best part of the writing process for me is creating the actual story and the characters that are a part of it. The worst part for me and I know this may make me look bad in some eyes, but the first edits – the actual rough draft edits, that is the only time in the entire editing process which I hate the most.
Have events or people in your life ever inspired scenes or characters in any of your books? Yes, certain individuals who stands out in my life whether they are someone who am close to or not or if they are bad or good – if they are most memorable, I will create a character based on them.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a North American of Jamaican descent who lives in the New England region of the United States of America. I am a new up and coming author who enjoys writing Paranormal Romance and Paranormal Erotica stories as well as Poetry. I also enjoys reading Paranormal Romance & Paranormal Erotica stories as well. My favorite books include but not limited to: Anne Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” series, Bella Forrest’s “Shade Of Vampire” series, E.M. Knight’s “Vampire Gift” series, Terry Bolryder’s “Rent-A-Dragon” series, and Stacy Clafflin’s “Transformed” series. My favorite authors are: Anne Rice, Stephen King, Bella Forrest, E.M. Knight, Terry Bolryder, and Stacy Clafflin.
When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? All my life I have always dreamed of becoming a writer and publishing my own writings. Now that I am, am so glad that I discovered the world of Self-Publishing and becoming an Independent Author.
Author Interview with Scerina Elizabeth

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