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Author Interview of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace by Jon Von Knight

By Levyingkishan
Author Interview of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace by Jon Von Knight

About the book:A true story of friendship and the discovery of a powerful, spiritual gift.Join Sharon and Jack on a soul-awakening journey that transcends our Earthly realm through an ever widening gap in the veil between worlds.Sharon is an earthbound Angel working in this world and beyond to raise our collective vibration one soul at a time. She uses her gift to help people find their true purpose and fall in love with life again.Fear has no place in a world that only knows love.Jack is her best friend, confidant and tether to this world.The happiness and heartache Sharon experiences are relatable to anyone’s life. But two things set her apart, the sensitive heart of an Empath and her ability to communicate with the other side.She soon finds one thing is true on both sides. Light cannot exist without darkness. For someone with Sharon’s extra sensory abilities “darkness” can take a heavy emotional toll. As she comes to terms with this reality she is left to wonder if the pain she struggles with is worth all the good she can do in this world.Jack’s constant support keeps Sharon grounded. His openness to this new reality transforms his life and he begins to see how truly limitless we all are.Part One of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace is an introduction to the remarkable true story of one woman's beginnings, and ultimate acceptance, of her role as an Angel on earth during a shifting of the ages. This transformative story will help every living being realize their capacity to do one simple thing – Love your Self.About the Author:Jon Von Knight is one of the billions of energetic beings who chose to be here on this beautiful planet earth during these unprecedented times. It took a little while – about 40 years – but now he now remembers why. Before he was born into this physical world, he must have agreed to be a messenger of sorts for what he learns he wishes to share. He is an artist and an author. His writings come from the heart and are inspired by the people he loves, the universe and Gaia, the soul of the planet of abundance we all call home. He believes that scarcity is a myth created by greed. When that myth is busted peace will prevail. He studies sacred geometry and is drawn to the hidden history and the ancient mysteries of this world and beyond. He is the author of Courage, Passion, Wisdom and Grace. A series based on the incredible true story of his lifelong friend Sharon’s struggle to come to terms with her powerful spiritual gift. The uplifting message she is here to deliver contains the keys to thriving during our shift to the new world. At the same time you'll see the author embark on a soul- awakening journey of his own. He is transformed by the story itself, a story that would not exist without the strong mutual love and trust between Jon and Sharon. For all of this he is forever grateful. And so, another glorious journey begins.Author Website:Jon Von Knight

1. What inspired you to write the book?
Inspiration for this book came from many places. First and foremost from my best friend Sharon and her many spiritual gifts. She is an Angel on Earth with the ability to cross between worlds (not always an easy life). I have been her confidant from the very beginning of this remarkable journey.I was also unknowingly inspired by my own spirit guides. It was through the telling of this story that I discovered their soft voice in my ear. It’s their voice that guides me and drives me to seek and share the truths of our world. And that’s the final inspiration – sharing the truth of who we all are. Everyone has the answers inside of them. There is a great quote that says “The best teachers show you where to look but don’t tell you what to see.” Angels like Sharon are here to show us where to look. It’s up to us to see.
2. When did you realize that you want to write a book?
In 2010. I was working as an engineer for an international corporation. I had had enough of the politics that come with giant organizations and I knew I would be leaving soon. But the nature of the job gave me a lot of time to research everything from Angels and consciousness to sacred geometry and the truth about 2012 and the mayan calender. One day a casual conversation with Sharon led to her consulting with her spirit guides and sealed the deal. They confirmed my direction and I started writing Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace a few days later.
3. Who helped you in writing the book and please say about their contributions?
Again, I have to give credit to Sharon for being the ultimate consultant in helping me give everyone a peek at what its like when an Angel crosses over. The experiences we discuss are so detailed, I almost feel as if I was there myself. I hope that feeling shines through for the readers as well. In addition I had a great editor. She intuitively knew the story I was trying to tell and made some very insightful suggestions along the way. I am very grateful for all of her help.
4. How is your book going to inspire the readers?
A good story, whether it be a song, a book or a movie has multiple meanings. How it is percieved depends on who is perceiving it. It is my hope that this story inspires readers to love themselves first and watch how everything falls into place after that. However, there are other messages open to the individual souls interpretation. Like a movie you’ve watched more than once, you know the story well but the second or third time you watch it you may start to pick up some of the deeper meanings and messages.
5. If you are given the chance to change one thing in your book what would it be?
This is the first book I’ve ever written. So, other than the fact that I feel I am a better writer now I don’t think I would change anything. Don’t get me wrong, there were countless changes made in the process of writing the book. I think there were 3 major revisions during my back and forth with the editor. I recently found the original outline I wrote 5 years ago. It bares a vague resemblance to the final version but that’s it. It’s interesting to see how things evolved.
6. How do you find time to write and which part of the day is best for writing for you?
When you are passionate about something you find the time to fit it into your life no matter how busy you are. In the beginning I was writing at night and revising during the day. It became a joke with my colleagues at work that I was using “company” time to write my book. I have since quit that job and I find I am most creative in the early morning.
7. Which books have inspired you the most, in the journey of writing this book?
There are many but the first one that comes to mind is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. A few others are Fallen Masters by John Edward and a couple of the Anastasia books by Vladimir Megre. I also enjoy reading Gregg Braden. Right now I am reading The Ancient Secret of the flower of Life Part II by Drunvalo Melchizedek.
8. What is the best advice, you would give for writers who are trying to write a book?
Write as often as you can and have a space that is dedicated to your work. Surround that space with inspiration. I keep crystals and a goose feather on my desk. The feather was “gifted” to me by a local flock of geese. It symbolizes writing. Authors used to use them as quills because they held a lot of ink. Most importantly, write from your heart and soul and the reader will feel it. That’s when you make a connection with them.
9. What are your hobbies?
I love the great outdoors. Spending time in nature is the best way to recharge. I like to hike, paddleboard and ride motorcycles. All of which I havent had much time to do since I quit my day job. But I’m working on that. We all need down time to fuel our creations.
10. What can we expect from you in the future?
Early on in the writing of Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace it became apparent that the story would have to continue. Just as the great shift in consciousness continues. We are living through a change in the ages. Poised for the next step in our evolution. These are exciting times and whether we know it or not we all chose to be here now to help each other and our beautiful Mother Earth ascend to a higher realm.
I have already started outlining Courage Passion Wisdom and Grace, Part II. I can’t wait to see how many changes I make to this one before it’s done. 

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