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Audiobook Review – My Bluegrass Baby by Molly Harper

By Whatsheread

Title: My Bluegrass BabyAudiobook Review
Author: Molly Harper
Narrator: Amanda Ronconi
ISBN: 9781476706054
Audiobook Length: 5 hours, 28 minutes
Genre: Fiction; Romance
Origins: Mine. All mine.
Release Date: 17 December 2012
Bottom Line: Even without supernatural characters, Molly Harper continues to entertain and charm

My Bluegrass Baby by Molly HarperSynopsis:

“Sadie Hutchins loves her job at the Kentucky Tourism Commission. Not only could her co-workers double as the cast of Parks & Recreation, but she loves finding the unusual sites, hidden gems, and just-plain-odd tourist attractions of her home state. She’s a shoo-in for the director’s job when her boss retires at the end of the year…until hotshot Josh Vaughn shows up to challenge her for the position.

Josh is all sophisticated polish while Sadie’s country comfort, and the two have very different ideas of what makes a good campaign. So when their boss pits them against each other in a winner-takes-all contest, they’re both willing to fight dirty if it means getting what they want. But it turns out, what Josh and Sadie want could be each other—and Josh’s kisses are the best Kentucky attraction Sadie’s found yet!”

Thoughts: Fans who only have experience reading Ms. Harper’s paranormal series may be slightly disconcerted by the idea of a Molly Harper novel without werewolves, vampires, ghosts, or witches. Thankfully, it does not matter whether Ms. Harper writes about things that go bump in the night or a workplace competition. To ignore this new, decidedly ordinary, i.e. non-supernatural, series is to miss out on the classic Harper banter, sparks, and heat. Her words still sparkle with wit and charm, her characters are strong and memorable, and her love of all things Kentucky continues to shine throughout the narrative.

Amanda Ronconi proves herself to more than capable of handling Ms. Harper’s non-paranormal romance. She still maintains the original wit of Ms. Harper’s words while maintaining a level of earnestness that is missing from her vampire or werewolf series. The accents are less exaggerated; the sarcasm is just a wee bit toned down to better fit an ordinary work environment. Still, Ms. Harper’s words out of Ms. Ronconi’s mouth are always fun to experience, and the combination of Ms. Harper and Ms. Ronconi is the perfect antidote to the everyday stressors of life.

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