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    As the sole author behind the blog "That's What She Read" - established in 2009 with over 40,000 page views per week - as well as my role as a founding member and media manager of Bloggers Recommend, I take my role as a reviewer very seriously. I grant each novel read with a thought-provoking review that not only shares my thoughts on the novel as well as ties each reaction to my personal background. I do this because I firmly believe that one's enjoyment of a novel is directly tied to one's upbringing and personal experiences that make us all unique. I try to share with my readers what influenced me knowing that it will not influence them without having similar experiences. I finish every novel I start because I feel that each author deserves the time and attention from readers that s/he gave while writing. My tastes are very eclectic, crossing all topics and genres. You never know what I am going to read next!