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Attract Positive Situations into Your Life

By Dusana Bozenkova
I'm a positive person, I believe in positive thinking, the power of words and affirmations.
I believe we can have everything and be everything we want to be, if we truly and deeply believe.
A few years back, when I was at the lowest point of my life, I came across a website about The Law of Attraction. I was surrounded by negative feelings, and thought, let's give it a go. 

Thanks to the positive thinking my life changed for better and many of my dreams came true.
Since then I'm a huge fan of all the books ''The Power'', ''The Secret'', ''The Magic'' written by Rhonda Byrne. She wrote The Secret in 2006 and it became a world-wide bestseller. It was the same for The Power, the book was released on 17 August 2010 along with an audiobook.
It is important to know that your thoughts are far more powerful than you may have ever realized.
Our life is made up of two kinds of things...positive things and negative things.
Do you know the story of Aladdin’s Lamp?
It is a great example for how our mind works. Our conscious mind is Aladdin, the decision maker.
What does it mean?
When you hold a clear picture in your head of what you really want, the genie in your subconscious mind says without judgment or argument:
''Your wish is my command, you can have that.''
Consider yourself as a mirror that reflects everything that you give out. If you give out positivity, expect the same in return. 

So start today, change your life, change your thinking from negative to positive. Because thinking and feeling positive, attracts positive situations.



Attract positive situations into your life

''Your wish is my command, you can have that.'' The picture is from the movie ''The Secret''.

''As far as the law of attraction is concerned there is only one person in the world – YOU!
For the law of attraction the other person is you, and that other person is you, and those other people are you, because whatever you think and feel about anyone else, you bring to YOU.''

~Rhonda Byrne~
''Switch your focus to the things you love, the things that excite you, and then you'll be on track to a really good life.''
~Rhonda Byrne~
''Visualization is the process of creating pictures in your mind of yourself enjoying what you want. When you visualize, you generate powerful thoughts and feelings of having it now.
The law of attraction then returns that reality to you, just as you saw it in your mind.''

~Rhonda Byrne~

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