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Attachment Parenting: Should You Try It?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Attachment Parenting: Should You Try It?

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Attachment Parenting is a theory of parenting that strives to nurture the bond between parents and children. There is no exact way to practice Attachment Parenting, and practices vary from family to family. But all Attachment parents recognize the strong bond between themselves and their children, and they attempt to develop a connection based on empathy and being particularly sensitive to their children’s needs. It is a method of parenting that starts even before a child is born, as parents try to prepare for birth physically and emotionally and by learning about newborn care and different stages of childhood development. Many people believe that children raised through Attachment Parenting will develop healthier relationships in life and be more empathetic and caring individuals. But Attachment Parenting doesn’t work for all families. Should you try it?

There are lots of different ways to attempt Attachment Parenting, but there are some more common practices. Attachment mother usually breastfeed their children because it is a very natural and strong way to bond. Attachment parents also often practice baby wearing and co-sleeping. The idea is to keep the parents and children as close as possible as often as possible. When parents and children are close, parents are able to develop a greater sensitivity to the needs of their child. For example, they learn to differentiate between their newborn’s different cries for different needs. They’re able to respond better to the needs of their children, and as a result they believe their children will be happier and better-adjusted individuals. As their children grow, Attachment parents attempt positive forms of discipline, and try to keep their expectations for child behavior as realistic as possible. Attachment Parenting promotes a heightened awareness of the bond between parents and child and of the needs of a developing and growing child.

While many people believe that the advantages of Attachment Parenting strongly outweigh any disadvantages, the cons to this method of parenting should still be considered. Many people find that Attachment Parenting is too demanding, especially of the mothers. It requires parents to be close to their children as often as possible, and this can interfere with other things in life, such as the need to have a job. It can also be stressful if parents do not have proper balance in their lives. However, Attachment Parenting recognizes the need for balance, and it is encouraged because balanced parents who take care of themselves are better able to respond to and meet the needs of their children. Co-sleeping is one of the most debated aspects of Attachment Parenting. Attachment parents believe it’s more beneficial to have their children close by at all times, though many experts believe that co-sleeping can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In addition, co-sleeping can interfere with the intimacy between parents.

Is It For You?
As a parent, you’ll have to determine if the Attachment style works for your family and your lifestyle. Many people find it too demanding, but many others find that they already try to practice some of the same principles as often as possible. The most important thing is that you develop a bond with your children and make them feel safe and secure, and this is possible whether or not you try Attachment Parenting.

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