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Attachment of Twin Flames.. The How, the Why, the Truth!

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

twincellsWhere our explosion happened have spoken to us…


The answer… Twin Flames


The sum of energy combined is the equation for the result, is the separation and the reconnection of the sum this speaks of.   The journey gives the answers when it is fulfilled.  The journey of this sounds simple, and truly it is.  Many have found that they have been in connection with something or someone and they don’t see how this was actual birthed.  As a simplified easy way to understand this, I am going to hopefully write this accordingly and hopefully it tells you what is very deeply embedded in truth in connection.


The creation of all things birthed, had to create things that would be able to be led back to it.  It wasn’t a need, for it’s on purpose, or for it to happen without anything we have been taught.  Yet in somehow, someway, it is a beautifully simple process.  The orb of light that you came from was a group of orbs all united to make a significant orb of light..  This light was full of gravitation and pure blissful joy.  No way did it understand the complexity of itself for itself it was fully connected without this understanding of it.


As each orb of energy bounced about each orb of energy let off the most glorious energy of light.  Some orbs bounced so high they shot off into space.  Space here in the word is being used to state an area in which the energy would dwell but still would have a direct path back to which it originated and still is original.  Some energies were full of so much energy that they felt what would feel as a sexual experience would feel to a human, yet to always seem to be in the euphoric state of orgasm.  This was true in the birth of the energy inside of itself.


As these energies bounced about the numbers continued to multiply and continued to want to experience itself in such a way that it would be identified of itself.  The birth of the human consciousness was placed inside of the source to give the source the existence of itself in away that is both tragic, and beautiful.  The first to experience this was what we call female, for without the female understanding of this would birth been possible.  As this happened a magical being was created called the human body.  This activated animated being was able to interact in the creations the source of energy spawned out of.  It didn’t require any thought to make this, it made it so it could create unto itself.


I am going to stop there for you can only imagine and read the rest depending on what you choose to believe or not believe.  I am going to tell you what happen to create the energy known as the twin flame connection.   The energy ball of light that created the color blue in the most unique way, split!


It did so without warning and without reason.  As it split it grew again and again and it did the same thing over and over.  Here is where it became it’s own experience.  The millions of ways it split became multiplied over time so that it didn’t know why it was doing it as most things that find this path it kept exploding creating new and more profound ways to find itself.  Now this is when it became aware of itself and wanted to reclaim the energy that it was created within.


Many of stories have been written about true love, unconditional love, and a few other loves that go beyond the mind made me to point to this inclusion of what twin flames are.   The bouncing ball of energy I am speaking about within creation split into two orbs.. The orbs translated into a path that is unlike anything the mind can make it.  The polarity of it, can’t be held within thought processing nor can it be denied in thought processing.


The two orbs when combined bring about the same energy in this form as it did in that form.


It will have a universe all to itself based on events the orbs experience in shell form.  The shell form I am speaking of here is the human body.  It becomes the mind dominated truths collected that truly aren’t any truth at all.  If these two orbs endure the pain of connection back to the center of the orb they were they have to let go of any mind dominance almost the same as the way a man enters a woman without any thought.  The connection itself speaks unto itself.  The resistance happens because of the need for egoic mode of thought, which is the same as the painful experience of coming into this world or leaving it.  The more the fight continues the more the mode of thought presumes to stay disconnected into itself.


It has been said it is ok to have attachment to your twin flame.  Yes and No. You can be attached to your twin flames ego and not be attached to your twin flame at all. You will continue to endure the pain of the twin flame ego as a consequence of not realizing why you can’t walk away.  This is the same as what you resist persist. Or that you have no reason why you can’t experience this connection fully.  Your mind is so loud you can’t let the vibration of connection connect you back together allowing the space to continue and give yourself a reason that it does inside of the mind.   The difference of what I am pointing to here is the thoughts that are created in connection the only attachment that the twin flame should require is the letting go of the attachment to the ego and just attach to the union itself.


Yes you read that correctly… I know, what does that mean right?  How often you can listen to what is inside of your being in creation determines how deeply you can hear the twin you are connected to.  Take your mind out of it and start focusing on controlling the mind.  If you can’t stop all thought’s to listen to your own heartbeat you will never find the path to your twin in the first place. Thus preventing the connection to cement as it should.  In other words, all the mind noise that tells you one thing will never tell you the truth about the truth that connects you until you hear it from your own heart which is directly connected to your twin.  Your mind makes this impossible not knowing the path to possible.  Yes that means giving up an identity that keeps you to the world of form.


It will be both painful and loving.  As this happens so does the need to try and connect to what is false to you and what is truth to you.  As these energies not of here continue to find their way back to connect to what is not the human existence so does the effect happen in human.


So can you be with your twin flame and not be with them physically?  Do you see how silly that sounds if you understand the depth that this connection is placed within?  The DNA strand (let’s call this) of your twin is built within you.  You can’t remove this anymore than you can remove your thoughts about what is truly being stated here.


Belief and DisBelief has no place in what is stated here in the truth.  So, what you are probably asking yourself at this moment, how do I know?  Well, against all odds and against all things that keep the twin flames from uniting, we have conquered each situation created and are being shown how this happened.  No longer should you have to Imagine the gifts this connection can produce as answers come because of the connection and the removal of what we thought we knew becomes aware of itself.


How can I state this with no understanding of anything in science and stop searching outside of myself for an answer that is placed inside of each of us to find, or how we are expected to repeat until something was to give the answers to the unknown.  Knowing in you knows this, I can’t give you a belief you already have within you, but I can ask you to simply open up your connection inside yourself to call to the other DNA strand of the energy orb of the soul to realize that it is not just in one part of you. It is part of the creation that is you and It is in another as well.


The part that keeps you from each other is not that they are going through something or they are with someone else.  They are holding onto a belief in the mind that will keep them in a small space of where the true form of space combined you in the first place.  This is not a higher or lower mode of consciousness. It is a mode of unconsciousness that doesn’t see the vibrations because the thought process of positive/negative keeps them away from the truth. Our planet is sustained under the yin/yang of this and has no self awareness of this truth as it sees it separate from it.


Survival is the reason this happens.  Don’t worry though I have seen the cycle from an exploded view and when you go through the open door you will be connected to them on the other side, it is one gigantic orb that we are connected to and birthed from.  The path of that orb to the connected twin you are, will combine back again.


This is clearly why some say that they have memories of a different life or different time and have come back again to get it right.  The truth is that you did reconnect and then split taking parts of what your twin experienced to live through and see if you could find a way back to it without it doing so in the first place.  The variables of this seems kinda out there but this has it’s purpose to.  As we continue to ignore this focus of connection to what doesn’t look like us, or do things we do.  We are becoming more and more removed from it.  This is why they say twins are rare and have gone down in numbers.  This number is much less now.  Not because we keep going through the doors or birth and death but because as we go through those doors the connection piece is talked about less and less and the belief becomes almost null.  Do you see to where this points?  Do you see it as it is?  To be seen without any thoughts about it!


We are shown the cells splitting down under a microscope and don’t see the size of it as we have become science experts of a science that doesn’t need one.  What if we emptied what we knew in the mind and then the connection itself would be born without complications.  Do you see this?  Do you understand it?


One cell split into two cells will travel in space under a microscope and if the cells grow and then run back into each other.. They merge if they have the same make up inside.  Then it becomes bigger and bigger. Splits off again and again taking parts of the other doing so.  And then it may even split off again creating more of the same cells.  The way they combine back into each other is where this points. The origins of this which is the twins birth is how this vibrates stronger than any other a soul mate reference can be seen in this way to. A soul mate is the familiar energy that has variants but not all the same ingredients of the source of the twin.  It vibrates tragically and beautifully though in any form.


Now what does this do for those that allow the thought process of the connection of twin flames to be removed to let go of the ego itself?


Well then it can speak to itself no matter what it is.  Inside of the same orb or cell or whatever it is that you can visualize at this point is to where this is.  The sound of speaking into each others heart becomes more apparent.. You speak inside of yourself, remember it is a mirror effect!


What was abandoned now becomes embraced in abandonment, what was once let alone now becomes connected inside of you.  How do you connect this connection if you can’t connect inside yourself.  When the cells went on their own.. they flourished they were whole without any thought.  Do you see how many say I am not whole now versus then when it didn’t require it?  When connection to another whole made this possible the explosion of connection created a bigger space.. It is beautiful.  There is so much to this post that tells you only one truth.  You are connected without thoughts.. this connection requires none, for a thought will only keep the noise which is the space in between.  Are you sure this isn’t the correct way to connect to itself.


We found this after every place of noise the mind created! This space was created repeatedly and then when silence became powerful enough the line to each other became more noticeable and the pull into each other became cemented.  What we could blame on in past or future was removed!  The more this silence came the stronger the will of the energy we are merged into itself. The beautiful blissfulness of twin flame union in the human body we share as one!


I have done my best to explain this to speak to you in a way that requires no belief just the quiet place in the mind you have right now to ask.. What if?  What I make inside my mind is what has kept this very connection from finding me, from me finding them!


We were meant to experience this connection in this form.  How could we have made so many roads from so far away from this connection where it would be in itself to heal our planet, heal our children, heal ourselves? Opening the door to see the energy that surrounds from birth and death to generate the peace that states we are never alone.  We truly aren’t just your thoughts about it are!


The mind will not like what this says one bit it has an identity to contain and to keep in misery and denial of self so you can always think no one hears you no one is listening.  I can’t fix this for you, I can allow my energy to be felt from the connection I am to open this door for you, nothing more.  You can step through it or run from it.  The choice is yours.  Either way you have much to read over and over here for what keeps you from your twin is listed here in this post.


Thank you for reading and thank you for opening yourself to what is true in you.  Even if it states the opposite of what you have here.  Our connection is the most amazing, miraculous experience in this existence. It doesn’t have wealth as you may think.  But when you can speak inside yourself and hear yourself answer notice that your voice is combined with another that is hearing you, what would that mean to you?  I can tell you that I will never need anything more, I wake each day with more than I knew was possible because I am, we are I am!


Stay beautiful, and reach for the stars.. there are after all… your stars!


Realize deeply all we can point to is to believe inside yourself for yourself and your twin. You are more.. We see it, shouldn’t you?


Lois and Clark

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