Atkins Diet Vs HCG Diet

Posted on the 29 July 2016 by Shannon Martin @purehcgdietdrop

Atkins diet is said to be a high calorie, protein and fat diet with a low carbohydrate intake. People looking for little weight loss, preferably younger in age can go for this type of diet plan as it doesn't work perfectly for each and everyone.

In a majority of the cases, this diet doesn't work just the way how people assume it to be like. You should only go for the Atkins diet if you know that you have got a high metabolic rate which can help you in getting the real results without gaining any excess weight due to the high proteins or fat intake.

HCG Diet:

The HCG diet is one of the best-proven diets available in the market that is seen to be doing well. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is the hormone that is found ideally in pregnant women that play a vital role in weight loss.

HCG works well on all types of people, and one can easily go for the HCG diet if losing major weight and gaining back the metabolic rate and strength is the mantra.

The diet restricts the intake of sugar or starch that in a way leads to weight gain. So, the HCG diet could actually be termed as a very-very low carb dietary plan that increases strength and provides effective results in a short period.

So let's find out which diet plan wins your heart! Go through this table quickly to understand the difference between the two types of diet clearly:

Atkins diet is good for little weight loss

HCG diet is good for rapid weight loss

It doesn't increase metabolic rate

It increases metabolic rate

Atkins diet doesn't provide quicker results

HCG diet can help you gain faster results

Staying in Atkins diet for a long time making it ineffective and makes no difference to your body

After your HCG diet is over, you can easily start eating healthy and stay in shape

If you feel the need to lose more weight, you should switch to another proven diet

If you feel the need to lose more weight, you can again start the HCG diet

Atkins diet has got a number of variations. Therefore, selecting the best one could be confusing

HCG diet is still based on the initial protocol, which has been proven to be quite effective

The Truth behind HCG diet

If a person religiously follows the HCG diet plan, he or she can easily lose quite a significant amount of body weight. This particular diet is considered to be quite strict and limits the daily calorie intake by allowing only certain types of food. Even though it is complex, it is said to be the most effective diet to lose a whole lot of body fat. Regardless of what your metabolic rate is, how much desirable results you got from the other types of diets, you simply start right from the scratch with the HCG diet without adjusting the protocol. If you go for HCG diet, just follow each and everything the diet asks for and see the diet do miracles unbelievably in a very short period.

    The HCG diet is faster than the Atkins diet

Choosing HCG diet can help you lose unwanted fat in a very short period and very easily as well. Once you have tried the HCG diet, you would feel like switching over to any other type of diet due to its faster results. You could easily lose up to 15 pounds in three weeks or even 35 pounds in just six weeks. This is only possible if you opt for the HCG diet. Even after your HCG diet gets over, consider eating healthy instead of trying to switch over to Atkins diet for the rest of your life. The only reason is that after HCG diet you can easily start maintaining your food habits by avoiding junk and by improving your eating habits. This is going to help you stabilize your weight and at the same time keep you in shape. In situations where you feel the need to lose more weight, you can again start off with the HCG diet plan.

    HCG diet follows the accurate protocol

The HCG diet is based on the original protocol, and that is why it is likely to help you lose more weight with this diet which is clinically proven. Many patients have tried out the HCG diet and have said in several testimonials about their wonderful experience, the effective results and the miraculous effect this diet had on their body.

Well, let's now have a look at what actually is the Atkins diet.

The Truth behind Atkins diet

Atkins diet doesn't need any kind of medical supervision and can be adopted on your own. You would yourself decide how many calories you are likely to consume. Also if you don't follow the Atkins diet and cheat on the diet, it is very hard to see any desirable results because the diet as it is works slowly. In such a case, you might find it a waste to go along with the Atkins diet plan. If you choose the Atkins diet that is low on the carb and high in protein, then you could maintain your weight well without any further fat accumulation. Following the diet perfectly can help you give effective results by making you lose the extra inches of fat on your body.

The Atkins diet is not as fast as the HCG diet. It can take the time to lose the stubborn fat, maybe weeks or at times even months. You just can't get faster results of losing 15 pounds in three weeks like the HCG diet. While the Atkins diet might seem effective at the beginning, after a point of time it becomes ineffective as the body tend to grow resistance against it. It hardly makes any difference to your body if you stay on the Atkins diet for a very long period of time. If you find out it is exactly the same case for you, simply opt out from Atkins diet and go for a more proven diet for yourself.

There are just so many different types of Atkins diet that picking the best one for you might seem like a hard, confusing task. Even though the initial Atkins diet was based on a similar clinical research like the HCG diet, right now it has modified itself in the form of many variations.

So, are you ready to show off your belly in your friend's wedding? Is the party date not too far? Choose the ideal diet for yourself and lose the unwanted pounds that you may have wished to say goodbye to long ago. Bottom of Form

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