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  • I Don’t Recognize Myself

    Don’t Recognize Myself

    Okay, you can stop sending me emails asking where I am. Well, at least one of you was nice enough to do that. Yes, I’ve taken over a week off from blogging and... Read more

    The 31 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • I See Dogs…


    Ever since this big, bad bouvier bit me in the right buttock, I’m really scared of dogs. Whenever I see someone walking his or her dog, I quickly cross the... Read more

    The 26 December 2012 by   Nicoleao
  • Now More Than Ever

    More Than Ever

    Yesterday I got up early knowing I had to run if I was going to deal with the huge lump of sadness sitting in my gut. I know every single one of you had the sam... Read more

    The 16 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • 5 Ways To Make It Through Right Now

    Ways Make Through Right

    I love this time of year. The lights, the music, the break from routine. But, sometimes I still want to flip off that guy who cuts me off in traffic or eat 95... Read more

    The 18 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • More of This, Less of That in 2013

    More This, Less That 2013

    It’s always fun when the holidays are speckled with fevers, pukes and body aches – the joys of the season. My least favorite illness is making its way through... Read more

    The 23 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • You Can’t Rush It

    My energy to write is highly non-existent right now, which doesn’t happen often in my world. Sometimes the life gets sucked out of you and that’s okay. Read more

    The 04 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • How to Run on a Slippery Slope, Or Street for That Matter

    Slippery Slope, Street That Matter

    I’ve been wondering how to cope with slippery streets while running. At first I was all like: ‘What a w贸nderful opportunity to practise my ChiRunning! Read more

    The 27 December 2012 by   Nicoleao
  • Hey All You Opinionated Types!

    Opinionated Types!

    One of the many signs of grieving is that you don’t feel like doing sh*t. I could have sat in the dark by the fire, drinking Skinny Girl looking at the... Read more

    The 08 December 2012 by   Brisdon
  • More on Long-term Cardiac Risks of Endurance Sport

    More Long-term Cardiac Risks Endurance Sport

    Last week I got an inquiry from Casey R. Ruff at the Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada in response to my blog post, "Don't Stop... Read more

    The 28 December 2012 by   Lcreswell
  • All I Want This Christmas is YOU! #SauconyKinvara3

    Want This Christmas YOU! #SauconyKinvara3

    I want to get more even serious this upcoming year in running and I want to get that first ever full marathon medal, finisher shirt and certificate, winning... Read more

    The 18 December 2012 by   Thesilentpal