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At the Photographer

By Luphil

Yesterday my wife and I were at a photographer, for she needed some professionally done pictures, also for her future website. The studio was in an ancient classroom of a former school in the centre of Berne, where now a number of artists and the like have small places. In the high studio room there was still the blackboard on one wall, but on another there was a huge linen sheet as background. Some chairs and a sofa were standing in one corner.

The photographer, a young lady, listened to what my wife told her about the purpose of the photos, asked questions, then they started shooting test pictures, before the real shooting started. After each series we had a look at the selection on her laptop to select a few. The photographer spread a good, leisurely atmosphere and very well arranged little details. Sometimes I had to stand behind her to make some jokes to provoke some subtle reactions with my wife. Then she took some pics of my wife and me.

Though I hadn’t planned to get some pics of me, I liked the way she did the pictures. So I asked her also to take take some shots of me: Different perspectives and facial expressions… And again selecting the best ones.

It is always strange for me – like for most others – to see myself from the outside. Though I know the body quite well – living in it already for a while – there is always a feeling it’s an envelope and not myself. And it’s getting older, while I’m not


She now wants to do some image editing before we will get the photos the next days….

At the Photographer

A picture taken just in the moment the flash of the other camera shone forth.

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