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At the Feeder

By Dyarnell @dyarnell
 AT THE FEEDERMy suet feeder is not in my garden because the best view is actually out of our kitchen window, making the occasional dirty saucepan a pleasure. 
It hangs closer to the barbecue than I would like because it has to be tied to the far end of the branch to keep this big gray squirrel from reigning as 'king of the feeder'.  Instinct sends him scurrying away, momentarily terrified by a rap on the glass, but he is back withing seconds - and without a mortgage to pay he was bound to win our waiting game. AT THE FEEDER
I would not mind the squirrel if it did not scare aware the other visitors like this White Breasted Nuthatch, who I also see at the seed feeder in the Moon Garden.AT THE FEEDER
This Downy Woodpecker is the most frequent feeder here and one I never see at the 'regular' feeder.AT THE FEEDER
Who else might be snacking here while I am at the office?
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