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At My Stagnant Best Right Now

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Lemon and Black Fall Look
Every day, I am dialing back on the time I spend on social media. I used to have a schedule that I followed about posting and what not. But sometime last year I threw it out of the window and it has been wild-wild-west around here since then, as far as blogging is considered.  Over the years I have consulted various people and small businesses on how to best optimize their social media. My suggestions are tried and tested and based on industry studies. But when it comes to my own social media I hate all rules.  I have always needed an avenue to be a rebel. I don't like following a norm until it makes sense to me. A decade back I was a rebel in my life. Now my life is running exactly how I'd like so now I have turned the table and become a rebel about social media/blogging.  They say: you must post content consistently Me: I am posting as and when I feel inspired to do it They say: find a niche and create content with those keywords Me: One day I am posting about travel, and another day about my child-free life They say: go in depth with one topic in your posts and cross-link them Me: I like food but not writing recipes. I like traveling but find writing travel guides too boring. My sense of style is not main stream or 'current'  They say: create seasonal content and something which people will find useful Me: When I don't know whom to say things aloud to, I type them here ... I create content to amuse myself. They say: show trends and styles in your outfit posts for people to re-create  Me: I don't like trends. And I surely don't want anyone dressing like me So you see my predicament with this whole blogging thing? I clearly don't follow my own suggestions I give to others while social media consultation but then my goal isn't same as businesses or people trying to reach an audience. I do everything for myself. So I these social media strategies cannot help me. I am at my stagnant best right now. 
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