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At Least I Haven't Seen Anyone Grade These Picks

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
The Red Sox drafted four players yesterday in the first-year amateur draft's first two rounds. And they are:
Matt Barnes-RHP, University of Connecticut (19th pick)
Blake Swihart-C, Cleveland High School, Rio Rancho, New Mexico(26)
Henry Owens-LHP, Edison High School, Huntington Beach, California (36)
Jackie Bradley-OF, University of South Carolina (40)
Not surprised to see the Red Sox took a catcher in the first round.
I gave this post that title because every year in the NFL Draft I see these knucklehead "experts" who like to give each team a "grade" on how they did picking players. How can you even think of grading teams on players who haven't played one professional game yet? Same here. It will be a long road to the majors for the majority of players picked in the MLB Draft, longer than the NFL Draft of course. In the NFL you have to wait at least one year to determine a draft's value, and even longer for the MLB one.
We maybe looking at four stars of the future, or four huge busts. Time will tell.
And with the latest "war to end all wars" to commence at Yankee Stadium tonight, I found this last week at Bleacher Report, and some guy wrote that "the rivalry is dead."
Is this guy kidding? Hey, the rivalry has gone through ups and downs over the years. Remember the early 1990s, when both teams were lousy? It wasn't intense at all, but was it dead? Of course not. It was as high as it ever could be in the mid-2000s, but it would have to level off. But what if both teams meet in the ALCS this year? Would it still be "dead" then?
Both teams have an excellent chance to make the postseason. This guy just sounds like he hates both the Red Sox and Yankees.

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