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At Last .....

By Sue15cat
At Last .....
At last we are off, that is about to have the new roof on the conservatory begun.
We should have been in this position last week, but see that steel beam ... the long one in the picture .... it's over twelve foot long, well it was 'lost' somewhere between the manufacturers and the galvanisers.  I felt sorry for the poor chap that had to phone Lovely Hubby and explain twhat had happened.  I could hear the embarrassment in his voice from where I was sat at the other side of the breakfast bar!!  I know I lose things but a twelve foot steel beam .....
But to give them their due they quickly made another one, sent it off to be galvanised and then yesterday they were all delivered to us.  The builder is coming over to check them out to make sure they are right and then, fingers crossed, work will start on Friday of this week.
And yes, that is sunshine you see in the photograph taken yesterday, we briefly had a lovely day, but they are so short, no sooner had all the chickens over in Chicken World draped themselves in the lovely November sun than it was gone and darkness descended by 4.20pm.
The only thing good about theses short Winter days is the long, cosy Winter nights.  They'll be even cosier once we have some central heating and hot water, I can't wait for that roof to be put in place.
Sue xx

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