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Ask Me About Cuddle Magic [stream]

Posted on the 18 January 2013 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

cuddle magic1 620x202 ASK ME ABOUT CUDDLE MAGIC [STREAM]

Every time I wear my Cuddle Magic t-shirt, I get quite a few smirks and at least one person asks what it means. Well, what I’d like to ask them is, first, aren’t they aware that cuddling is, indeed, magic? And, second, would they like a hug? Instead, I explain that Cuddle Magic is a collective of musicians that has often had to squeeze its many members into small spaces when recording and performing (see the video for “Expectations”) — thus, the cuddling. The magic (in my opinion) is the music that results from said cuddling. However, there is much more to this band than a cute name.

Cuddle Magic has certain trademark diversity. The instrumentation varies from keyboard, strings, assorted percussion, harmonica, and many more. In fact, one of my favorite songs involves a duck whistle keeping time for its entirety. But Cuddle Magic doesn’t just “play” their instruments, they’ve studied them. The band actually met and formed at the New England Conservatory where they were studying their particular instruments of choice.

Their sound contains elements of folk, progressive classical, jazz, and chamber pop with undertones of urban influence. Every song is an intricately crafted composition. The lyrics are written and performed in such a way that they fuse with the instrumentation in a symbiotic manner, thus becoming part of the composition. I have often envisioned them performing in a smoky underground French café, performing amongst poets and philosophers. Sure, it’s a cartoonish picture, but their music always renders intelligent, poetic vibes in my mind. Their latest, Info Nympho, scatters numerous literary references throughout with ease. They’re well-read and clever for sure, but they’re not at all heady

Cuddle Magic’s brilliance is no secret these days. Its members have collaborated with the likes of Anais Mitchell,  David Wax Museum, and even Beyoncé, just to name a few. And so, I will continue to wear my Cuddle Magic t-shirt out because I know people will ask me about it. I quite enjoy gushing, and I absolutely believe in the magic that this band makes. The question, then, is do you have a Cuddle Magic t-shirt? If yes, wear it proudly and gush often. If no, don’t worry, they’ll likely be touring near you again soon. Grab a record to tide you over, and until then — would you like a hug?

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