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Ask Lessons Of A Dad a Question

By Lessonsofadad @lessonsofadad
Again, I must apologize for not being online much lately.  This is the last stretch of the school year in the Philippines, and being one of the more senior teachers in one of the best high schools around will pretty much guarantee that Feb and March will be a no blog zone. 
Ask Lessons Of A Dad a questionAs frustrating as that is, I would like to instead offer you a chance.  A chance to ask yours truly, Lessons Of A Dad, about anything related to parenting, Christian living, marriage, etc. 
I will do my best to answer your questions in future blog posts.  I promise I will do so.  If ever the question is over my head (I don’t claim omniscience, you know) then I can ask one of my several mentors to pinch-hit for me and answer it in my place. 
So, I hope you understand that my anemic online presence in recent weeks is not a sign that I’m losing interest in Lessons Of A Dad.  Time has just been, and will be for the next month or so, my enemy. 
Other than your questions, I would also appreciate your prayers: prayers for strength, wisdom, and endurance.  I totally love my job, and I want to give these kids the best that I can…no matter how toxic the work sched is (and is going to be).  I also totally love my family, and how hypocritical of me to make a parenting blog if I’m not a good dad in practice.  Then, I’m answering a call by God to play a huge part in a very important ministry in church. 
Toxic sched?  Yep.  Prayers requested?  Yep.  Hiatus from blogging?  Unfortunately, yep.  See you soon (like, summer vacation soon) and I’m looking forward to your questions.

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