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Ask Dr Adebayo: “Painful Breast Lump”

By Dr Gbenga Adebayo @dradebayo

Ask Dr Adebayo

Dr Adebayo,

I am 24 and have a lump under areola and it hurts and really hurts to the
touch. I’ve had it for over a month now. What’s causing it cause I’m too young for
menopause and I haven’t been breast feeding or pregnant for two yrs. I haven’t seen my
period but not pregnant but gained weight as if I was. What’s wrong with me?


Dear M,

I cannot say with exact precision what is wrong with you due to a lack of many details.
However, from what you have described, it appears you may have an hormonal imbalance.
The painful breast lump you have may be related to the unexplained stoppage of your

I strongly suggest you visit your gynecologist(doctor specializing in treatment of women)
for a thorough assessment.

All the best.

Dr. Adebayo

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