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ASH 2013: The Joys of Travel

By Bkoffman
What else could go wrong? Horrible respiratory infection (getting better), cracked computer screen (replaced), broken eyeglasses with a missing lens (found and repaired with one of those cheap kits you buy at check-out), and now our flight is canceled to NOLA for ASH 2013. Painful to have to cancel all the interviews that I had worked so hard to arrange, especially the very much in demand Professor Hallek. The best I could do after hours on hold has us arriving tomorrow morning on a pricy flight from LAX to Baton Rouge on a different airline. Then a long and expensive shuttle ride.
But I am busy texting and emailing and trying to reschedule what I can. And hopefully I can sleep a bit on the plane and shuttle.
Thankfully, most of the interviews don't start until tomorrow afternoon, but the rearranging means I may need to miss some of the lectures that I wanted to catch.
I can't do everything. Can't be everywhere at once.
I still expect ASH 2013 to be a stellar meeting for those of us with blood cancers, and I expect to be back in my stride by tomorrow.
This is all fixable stuff. No big deal. Minor annoyances. As those of us with cancer know too well, that is not something that we can always say.
Expect a brief update tomorrow, late.

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