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As Long As I'm Living, My Baby You'll Be

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert
There has been so much trouble here lately between me and the boys as well as friends and their children. It sparked a thought in my mind today......what is our job as parents exactly? The boys pediatrician says my job as a parent is work myself out of a job. Maybe so. But, I also feel birthing a child or adopting a child comes with unspoken rules. Let's see if i can try and nail these in some sort of order.
From the time Mothers are pregnant the nurturing begins. Life as we know it changes......not because someone tells us too but because it's best for our children. We stop smoking, drinking, taking hot baths, visiting a salon, painting, cleaning with chemicals, cleaning out cat liter boxes, ect. We eat better, rest more, see a Dr. regularly, ect. Not because we are told too.....because we want too. The mothering instinct kicks in immediately. For most.  Some even endure the excruciating pain of child birth without the aid of medication because we are afraid it will hurt our babies.
In the hospital we are told to rest. Give the nursery and nurses the responsibility of watching, rocking, feeding, and holding our babies while we take the time to heal and rest. Do we do this.......NO!! NOT A CHANCE!!
 A Mothers love will causes her such pain and grief. As we watch them grow, they hurt, we hurt. They cut teeth and we hold them and rock them. Their belly's hurt and we walk them, bounce them, sing to them, pat them, dance at 2 a.m. with them. If they are sick we beg for someone to take their pain away and put it on us. Take their sickness away and put on us. Make us hurt. That alone is a love that cannot be replicated.
They continue to grow. Our babies start school and we cry. Lord, it's our dream to watch them grow healthy and happy...........but it happens so quickly. Our babies begin to loose those little teeth that we danced in at 2 a.m. one morning while alternating frozen wash rags in and out of their little mouths. They make friends. They begin to be embarrassed of us. But we love them more then before. How is that even possible? All the while this happens so easy and natural. Without pressure. We love them simply easy.
Before we know it they get in trouble and we fight for them till we collapse. We make excuses for them. I never get tired of fighting for my children. Mine could comment murder and I'd still fight till my last breath for them. And do it with ease. After all......isn't it my job to teach them to know better. If they do something so terrible it's because somewhere, I messed up. They are my babies. Fighting for them comes natural. We don't turn our backs on our children for nothing and no one.
My last thought is anyone who could try to devastate their child's life is a sorry excuse for a human. Anyone who could birth a child and then try their very best to create chaos in that child's life does not deserve to be called "Momma". Being a Momma is a blessing, not a burden. What is wrong with a world where Mothers sulk and create turmoil for their children. Shameful. There is no excuse ever to turn our backs on our precious matter their age.
I'll love you forever. I'll like you for always. As long as I'm living, my baby you'll be.

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