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Artist of the Year 2012

Posted on the 21 December 2012 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Brooklyn Bridge  ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2012


Compiling our end of year lists is generally always a contentious affair. Not uncommon are emails back and forth about why this song rather than that song should be number 22 or shouting matches (at least the digital equivalent) over whether or not someone should have even made the list, much less have been number one. This year, arguments were kept to a minimum, as almost all of us had the same artist near the top of our list, the same album in the top 5 and, curiously, numerous songs from that album peppering the top 100 songs. While there was definitely some competition, a spectacular and much loved debut from alt-J for example, there was still only one clear victor in the end, Kishi Bashi.

Sure, Kishi Bashi had many accomplishments in 2012 that led to his being named our Artist of the Year (detailed below), but the most impactful reason came during one very specific moment. We were lucky enough to have Kishi Bashi play our SXSW party, The Beehive, this past year before his debut had really begun to sweep people off their feet. Though the night seemed to pass by really quickly, I specifically remember being surrounded by my friends at the end of a long, spectacular week, joining together in the front row, singing ever word to every song and feeling happy, just plain happy. Sure, the surroundings and the booze had something to do with it, but mostly it was the music. 151a was synonymous with joy this year for us all, and this experience was simply the initial spark. Kishi Bashi is our artist of the year because when we look back on 2012, we’ll hear “Manchester” blaring out of our speakers and remember that warm Austin night and other memorable moments when we listened to it far louder than we should have. Thank you, Kishi Bashi, for sound tracking our year — we really couldn’t have asked for better.

  • Top selling record on Bandcamp
  • 12,000+ albums sold (as of 10/12)
  • Features on Under The Radar, Bust, CMJ, PopMatters, NPR

The Wild Honey Pie: 10/10

SYFFAL: 9/10

Way Too Indie: 9.8/10

Sputnik Music: 4/5

Beats Per Minute: 80%

The New Zealand Herald: 4/5

The AU Review: 8.9/10

  • National Tour w/ Tall Tall Trees
  • Northeast Tour w/ The Barr Brothers
  • National Tour w/ of Montreal
  • Central Park Summerstage w/ Dr. Dog, Delta Spirit
  • ACL w/ The Black Keys, Jack White, Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Paste
  • The Wild Honey Pie


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