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Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

By Cbdesigns @cherylboglioli

My Artist Crush for May 2016 is Anita Prentice. Anita is a well known artist in my area. Anyone who has ever been in downtown Fort Pierce, Florida or down by the beach has seen Anita's artwork. She creates the most stunning mosaic concrete benches that are scattered about the Treasure Coast. Let me introduce you to Anita.

Artist Crush Interview with Anita Prentice

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

How would you describe yourself or your art?

Painted mosaic mostly and some mixed shoe stretchers!!!

Are you a full time artist? If not, what is your 'other' profession?

Full time Artist,yes I ride the roller coaster full time.

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

What is your favorite medium?

I love starts as sand is heated to a liquid and is hard again in so many way. I use stained glass primarily for the mosaics.

Is there a medium you desire to learn more about?

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

What inspires your art?

movement, texture,music makes me see inspires in the moment..and when I'm aware and in the moment visions come to my mind

Do you have professional training as an artist or self taught?

I am mostly self taught...there was a period of time that I checked coffee table type books from the library and studied them...the mosaics 20 years ago had not made the splash that it has in the last few I made many interesting mistakes....glues etc. also I always wanted bright colors in the grout....could not find that until I realized that the grout get's thirsty, that's when I discovered that I could paint mosaics.

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

Do you sell your work?

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

If yes, what venues do you use to sell your work?

A lot of my work has been public work and at first prices were lower...this public work sells the next pieces. Also the usual.....and this is something I always need to work on.

Do you exhibit your work outside of your website or blog?

Yes I do, I create shows...pop up's and monthly shows. I have been curating shows with many artists and include my work. I believe there is more interest with a good group of artists. Always a crap shoot,but it can be well worth it.One must remember to let everyone know...and I also think that getting a card in the mail should not be a lost art(pun intended)

Tell me about your studio set-up:

I have a few places I work at but mostly an old garage behind my place...working near home is a blessing and a...not so blessing. one has to fight off the folks to get some real work time. I have a large work table in the center with wire shelves around the walls.full of glass tiles,frames...... There are depts., most artists we all need more room...I'm not above storing some of my extra stuff in a couple other spaces near by, the key to not being in anyone's way. is doing just that...find a corner and keep it neat...they don't mind so much that way

What is the one thing in your art arsenal that you can't do without?

Artist Crush May 2016 Anita Prentice

Please explain your creative process:

I draw the design..I break snip my colored glass to make a palette just like a painter.mix up thin set(glue) I spread the glue with a small palette knife,place pieces of glass. once I am finished placing glass comes the "zen" must clean the glue from in between the glass to make room for the grout to go to. Let dry over night. Grout..smooshing the grout, onto surface and scap off. using a DRY towel wipe off to everything is clean, dry for a couple of days, paint the piece like a painting...many colors, only wipe off as you go. The thirsty grout with take the color the shiny glass will not. Cure again.

Expand on the concept of how you are Living the Art Life™:

My every day is art, Seven days a week.. I see art in all I do.My home is part studio sometimes...most times...always looking for the next place to do a piece. Thankful to be doing what I do xoxoxoxo

What is your greatest joy in your art life?

Sometimes I go into my studio and am so thankful that I get to have all the stuff it takes to create something beautiful. I feel bad for folks that have no art supplies. I am also joyful that I have a GREAT work ethic...I get that from my greatest ethic

What is your greatest struggle in your art life?

Struggles come and go...speed bumps really...struggles to me are just another challenge.Artists are all problem solvers and we just need to remember that.

What other things would you like to share with our readers about Living The Art Life™:

DON'T GIVE UP!!! You really really need this,really. it feeds your soul and people need us to make's a heavenly thing

I adore Anita and her creative spirit. Anita is one of the most hardworking artists I know. I have HUGE respect for this woman. I hope you enjoyed getting to know her. I am so honored to own a piece of her work. This piece is in entrance to my master bath and it's something I see every day. Love ya, chickie!

Don't you love how each artist answers the questions totally different?

Leave me a comment below and let me know who else might you want to learn more about? Who is your Artist Crush?

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