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Art Lebedev Designers Debut Eco-Friendly USB Memory Sticks

Posted on the 24 March 2011 by 2ndgreenrevolution @2ndgreenrev

Art Lebedev Designers Debut Eco-Friendly USB Memory SticksRussian design studio, Art Lebedev, recently introduced its version of the disposable thumb drive, called Flashkus. The drives are inexpensive, light and small, making them the perfect mechanisms for advertising or just slipping one into your wallet. They are made of cardboard and come four to a perforated sheet and in a variety of memory sizes. The cardboard can be written on with a pen or marker in order to easily identify the contents of the drive. On the downside, the Art Lebedev studio is notorious for producing creative and useful gadgets that never make it to the mass market, so there’s a chance these drives won’t be available in stores anytime soon. Also, it’s not known whether cardboard is sturdy enough to protect the drive from potential damage. Is the cardboard made from recycled materials? While staying away from plastic memory sticks is nice, the disposable aspect may not be the most environmental. Flashkus is an interesting idea. Time will tell if that is all it was meant to be.

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