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Art for Art’s Sake

By Jackscott @jackscottbodrum

I don’t know the first thing about art. Like beauty, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. I do know a lot of old twaddle is said and written on the subject. The stuff we have hanging on our walls is there because of the stories and meanings behind the images – the emotional and sentimental value rather than the worth artistically or financially. And we certainly have nothing to declare for insurance purposes. Here’s a sample…

  • Art for Art’s SakeA Green Man fit for a country cottage
  • Art for Art’s SakeThe lady of the house always takes pride
    of place wherever we are and has done
    so eight times to date
  • Art for Art’s SakeA leaving gift from our Bodrum
    landlady who embroidered it
    herself, stitching the fabric to the
    page of an old Turkish newspaper
  • Art for Art’s SakeNo idea how I acquired this but I think
    its a piece of fancy wallpaper
  • Art for Art’s SakeOriginal oil paintings picked up in a
    shop on Mykonos
  • Art for Art’s SakePhotos of ‘proper art’ – massive
    metallic installations created by an
    old friend of Liam’s
  • Art for Art’s SakeDouble exposure – Liam and the Alps
  • Art for Art’s SakeThe first print I ever bought, picked
    up in an art shop in Covent Garden
  • Art for Art’s SakeA gift from a friend who knows us only
    too well!
  • Art for Art’s SakeOne the posters featuring my book
    created for a Norwich Art Exhibition
  • Art for Art’s SakeA Chinese silk Liam picked up in
    Hong Kong
  • Art for Art’s SakeA birthday gift from a Bodrum Belle
  • Art for Art’s SakeJohn Garner
  • Art for Art’s SakeLiam wanted ducks so Liam got ducks
  • Art for Art’s SakeAn original watercolour of Norfolk
    beach huts by Jenny Parfitt
  • Art for Art’s SakeA gift from a waitress at the Eleonas Country Village
    in Crete, the venue for our second honeymoon
  • Art for Art’s SakeA leaving gift for Liam
  • Art for Art’s SakeThe first thing Liam bought for me while
    we were on a date in Brighton
  • Art for Art’s SakeA photo of an original painting by
    author Iona Jenkins used as a cover
    for one of her books
  • Art for Art’s SakeElton John Commemorative
    stamps from the Royal Mail. I have
    all these albums

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