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Art and Interiors with a Few GIFA Artists

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
I took a cue from Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda's post last week, highlighting my paintings at Gregg Irby Fine Art with different chairs. I love creating design boards and thought it would be fun to make some for a few of my fellow artists at GIFA.
I started with Erin McIntosh. I am smitten with "Zoe", a 60 x 48 canvas that makes a statement. I paired it with mixed metals and a very long and feminine console table. The black rug and modern accessories give the vignette an edge.
Art and interiors with a few GIFA artists
Next I chose one from my friend, Christina Baker.
I chose "Eastern Blues" just because I love it so much. I paired it with classic furniture and Persian rug so that the painting takes center stage.
Art and interiors with a few GIFA artists
I went a different direction with the board for Michelle Armas. I chose funky mix to go with her piece "I believe this belongs to you", and dark walls. I do wish I had saved the draft on that one because I found a better chair later. I'll just have to do more of these next week!
Art and interiors with a few GIFA artists
Eileen Power has long been a favorite of mine and I thought the piece "51" would be great in a modern, uber-feminine and glam space.
Art and interiors with a few GIFA artists
I just chose 4 of the 25 artists at Gregg Irby today, but there is always time for more. Who's work would you like to see in a styled room?

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