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Armchair BEA: Non-Fiction is Non-Existent.

By Theliteraturelion @LiteratureLion
Armchair BEA: Non-Fiction is Non-Existent.
Non-fiction seems to be non-existent... well in my life.
I rarely read non-fiction. I just have troubles understanding it. I'm a strong reader, and I know it. My only issue is if there isn't some lyrical form of writing to go with it, I have some issues understanding it. I'm not sure why, but I just do.
For instance, I always do terribly at the reading sections during standardize state testing or the ACT when it's non-fiction writing. Give me a passage about fictional writing and I'll do great. I mean, I can write informative papers that resemble non-fiction, but for the life of me I have troubles reading long passages about non-fiction topics. 
The only exception would be memoirs. Sometimes I'm able to read them, simply because of the writing style. But give me a biography or some educational writing and I'm lost. I just can't do it...
And don't get me started on historical non-fiction. I don't hate history or anything, but I even have issues reading young adult historical fiction. I just can't understand it or can't get into it very much. It's quite frustrating, honestly.
So that is why I do not read non-fiction. I know that wasn't the purpose of this, but I feel like I had to say this. Team Fiction, all the way.
Armchair BEA: Non-Fiction is Non-Existent.

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