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Arm and Hammer In....

By Thedivadoll @marlenefrierson
Arm and Hammer in....
Upon reading my latest InStyle Magazine a few articles caught my eye. I figured since I love reading these magazines, that if certain articles catch my eye, I will share my point of view with you luvs.
What do you think of when you hear Arm and Hammer? I personally think of a little yellow box that sits way back in the fridge keeping my food nice and fresh. Or maybe added in my toothpaste to keep my pearly whites even whiter! But, did you know that there are so many other uses for Arm & Hammer?
Below is a list of ways to use Arm & Hammer Baking soda .. Let me know if you guys have ever used these techniques.
1. Hair- Sprinkle a quarter size amount of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda in the palm of your hand, along with your favorite Shampoo. Wash as usual and rinse thouroughly. This helps remove residue from your hair that is caused from styling products, and will leave your hair cleaner and more manageable.
2 .Hands- Want to give your hands some super clean & soft attention this winter? Well listen up! Add 3 parts of Arm & Hammer Baking soda to any liquid hand soup. It will get all the dirt off your hands and keep your hands soft!
3. Brushes & Combs- To remove residue from your fav brush or comb, take a teaspoon of Arm & Hammer to basin of warm water. Let those brushes soak, rinse & let dry.
4. Feet- Want to work on your home pedicure? Start with a soak. Add 3 tablespoons to a basin of warm water and soak those feet. Gently scrub feet with a paste of Arm & Hammer Baking soda.
For more tips and tricks.. head on over to Arm & Hammer to get all the latest solutions using this little yellow box.
XOXO~The Diva Doll~

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