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Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio

By Angel Russell @sergeantsparrow
Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio

Arjun is a trio of musicians living in New York City. Their music is a spiritual transgression of melody, rhythm, and feeling. Together this trio hones in on their love of jazz and rock to create a seamless work. Their improvisational skills are at ease as each instrument speaks to the other in a liquid conversation of sound. Eddie Arjun Peters (guitar), Lamar Myers (drums), and Andre Lyles (bass) are each solidly versed in their instruments which is apparent immediately on the first listen. With many alternative jazz acts the flow of song is interrupted with repetition as a musician focuses on one interesting melody and drives it over and over into the ground, however, in their album CORE this never happens. The melodies are dynamic. The three instruments are intrinsic to one other and are a part of one body. Their sounds slide over, under, and through each other. They communicate back and forth and develop a dialog as robust as the most earnest sonnet. Their music bombards you with feeling, fervent and wild with anticipation for the listener to keep on listening. It is fruitless to resist the invitation and listen on you must.

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Arjun a Lamenting Rock Trio

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