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Aria Montgomery #FOTD

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell
aria-pll-makeup aira-pll-makeup
aria-pll-makeup I've said it before, but autumn make-up is the bee's knees. In the summer I can barely be bothered to wear a bit of concealer and some blush, for fear that it will all slowly slide down my face in a very expensive avalanche. I get ridiculously excited for Halloween-time and being able to dress how I really want to - which usually means all-black and red lips. One thing I'm particularly excited to try out this time around though, is Aria's make-up from Pretty Little Liars. Aria is my fave PLL character, and I wasn't even watching the show last year so this is my first real opportunity to try out her style! She has a pretty glamorous look and always wears false lashes (I used the Lashlorette ones by Esqido and my Naked 3 palette) as well as beautiful highlighter, rosy lipsticks, and some darn fancy kohl work. 
All make-up* NARS at House Of Fraser; rose gold bracelets, H&M
Pretty much everything I'm wearing to recreate her look is from NARS at House of Fraser. First, to get her perfect skin I used Sheer Glow Foundation in Siberia (my new #1 foundation, without a doubt) with Deep Throat Blush dusted over the top. On my lips I used the famous Anna lipstick from the NARS Audacious range. Anna is unsurprisingly a really beautiful shade, the kind of understated dusty-pink color that I always compliment on other people but never think of getting for myself! I think shades like this are going to be huge for autumn - at least, they will be for me. I might just give up my Ruby Woo for something more Rosewood (Wink wink, see what I did there? I'm hilarious). Also, as a final thought, all the brands I used for this post are cruelty-free, so happy bunnies all round.

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