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Aren't All Affairs Royal?

Posted on the 08 April 2013 by Jamesswezey
Aren't All Affairs Royal?Well I don't know if I've gone that long without blogging before since I've begun doing this. Aside from being ridiculously tired from work during the weekdays, I often have nothing really of remote interest to write about, which is usually my fault. Oh well. The world still stands as North Korea gets ready to fire a missile, although I think they're just "testing" it, and I don't know if it is actually carrying a nuclear payload. In response of course, South Korea wants to begin arming itself with nuclear weapons, which makes perfect sense. If I lived adjacent to a tyrannical maniac, then I would probably want a few extra precautions myself. One thing is becoming certain; the world is becoming more chaotic and less safe the more people abandon the cause of freedom for all, of which the United States used to champion across the globe. Now it seems like no one cares, but all would rather retreat into themselves and look out only for themselves. I don't agree with that strategy nor do I think it is very wise, but fearful people tend to be selfish people so cause and effect. Anyways. I finally got around to watching  A Royal Affair which was nominated for Best Foreign Film for the 2013 Academy awards. It stars Mads Mikkelsen as a brilliant doctor who becomes the Danish King's court physician, Mikkel Boe Folsgaard as King Christian VII, and Alicia Vikander as Queen Caroline Mathilde. There is also a well put together supporting cast, but these three are the main attraction, aside from the cinematography which I will get more into later. It is the late 1700's and Europe is in a malaise being ruled by the nobility as enlightenment attempts to seep into the social fabric and annihilate the old aristocratic ways. A young princess from Great Britain marries a young Danish king and she has great visions of what it will be, but the king turns out to be a little...well, crazy, or rather very child like and she doesn't cope that well with it. The king then gets a new court physician who begins to attend to his medical problems, but then begins to offer the king advice since he himself is an agent of the enlightenment. During his attention to the king, the queen and he also begin to garner each other's attention and soon a passionate love affair ensues. As the court physician's power and influence grows he unleashes a tidal wave of enlightened rules which threaten some of the nobility, who then of course begin to plot to get rid of the king, queen, and his new adviser who they find so threatening. It was a good film, and yes it was all in...Flemish I believe is the language they speak in Denmark, or if not that then Danish. It was really a lovely language to hear; it has that ancient aristocratic flair to it. The cinematography was breathtakingly beautiful, and it was shot so well. The screenplay was well written, although the plot was rather predictable. I don't know how many times I've seen this same outcome before whenever there is a royal love affair between a queen and someone else. I was hoping for something else based on the preview, but still it didn't dampen the excellence of the film. Granted it isn't something that I will constantly watch but it certainly acquires an "Admirable Ability" for what's there. I do recommend if you enjoy period pieces then you'll enjoy this film. I don't know much about Danish history, but I intend to catch up; from what I saw of this film it will be quite fascinating. Well work again for another whole week tomorrow. It has been going quite well, and I have been slowly getting more and more busier as I accrue clients. People keep asking me if I enjoy or like my job, but I still haven't gotten to the point yet where I would really know yet. Spring seems like it is finally here in the Midwestern U.S. thank God! I don't know how most of you feel about cold and snow, but I could really live without them, perhaps permanently. Well take care everyone and have an excellent week.
A Royal Affair Clip
Mads Mikkelsen Interview

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