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Are Your Sun Lenses UV Protected?

By Tanvi Rastogi @tanviidotcom
Xperio UV Sun Lenses This post was sponsored by Essilor as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
I recently learned that light reflected on a smooth, flat surfaces (like a road, water, snow or sand) can create a blinding glare and that this glare can seriously impair our vision and cause potential hazards. That's where Xperio UV™ polarized sun lenses comes in. Their technology virtually eliminates the glare so that we can see the world more clearly. Apparently 94 percent of people (myself included) don’t realize the sun can be just as harmful to their eyes as it is to their skin! 

Xperio UV polarized sun lenses are a complete outside solution that includes maximum UV protection, scratch resistance and easy cleanability. They take protection a step further – they protect your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays with maximum UV protection on both the front and back of the sun lens, as up to 50 percent of UV rays that reach the eyes come from reflection off the back surface of the lens.

 Xperio UV Sun Lenses

I have been wearing my sunglasses fitted with Xperio UV lenses for all of past week and I was pleasantly surprised at what a difference they made to the clarity of my vision. I wore them through the day plus over the weekend at the beach. I really liked the fit and the color of my sunglasses, as it is all-season-friendly (as a fashion blogger I wear my sunglasses year round!). 

Xperio UV Sun Lenses

If you have not get tried UV protected lenses I would strongly recommend you check out the Xperio UV website for their polarized sun lenses. They come in lots of colors, fit into a wide variety of frames and are even available with your prescription. With a variety of lens colors and coatings, you can choose the lens that matches your personal style.
Xperio UV Sun Lenses

Did you know - June 27th - is National Sunglasses Day? I didn't but since I love wearing sunglasses so much, I sure am going to participate! Join in with me and celebrate with a fun pair of stylish sunnies fitted with Xperio UV lenses that will both protect your eyes and complete your look! PIN THIS

Your Lenses Protected?

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