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Are You There God? It’s Me, Sheila: A Non-Catholic at Mass

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Dear God,

Okay, so did You see me?!!  I went to the Graduation Mass at the High School yesterday… yep, that was me… I was there!   I knew it would be long… but oh my You… 2 hours?   Not quite ideal for a girl with a weak bladder that’s prone to infection.

Oh, and before I forget, thanks for not letting the walls come crumbling down when I walked in.  Then again, it was held in the gym rather than a church, so…..

It was really weird watching my kid walk down the isle in her cap and gown.  Seems like just yesterday I watched her graduate from preschool.

I’ve got to say… not being Catholic… at a Catholic Mass was rather interesting.   They sure stand up a lot at Mass.  And for long periods of time.  Up and down, up and down.   Not cool when Mother Nature brought an early gift this month.

I thought it was odd that the first things that were asked for … were Your forgiveness and tolerance for our sins.   I’m thinking… dang! what do these people do in their ‘off time’?   Me?  I think I would have opened with something like…”Thanks for a beautiful sunrise” or “for the air we breath… nature?”….something like that.  Or maybe a bit of humor.  (A priest and a rabbi were in a bar…) You know, lighten up the place.  But I’m always respectful of others ways of worship so that’s cool.

I had to smile a moment during communion when I could spot all the other heathens and non-catholics.   You know, like when everyone is standing and walking to get communion…. all us non-catholics were just sitting there feeling weird as people brushed by us in the aisle.   But I remembered that my son just told me yesterday that he refers to the communion wafers as Jesus snacks… or… Jeez-its (You know, like Cheez-its?)   So I had to smile.

And the ‘peace be with you’, ‘greet your neighbor’ thing… that was actually quite nice.  Then, after shaking hands with  bazillions of 5 people… something came over me.   (The sudden urge to find my Purell.  What was I thinking?  A germ-a-phobe shaking all those hands.)   I smiled and shook their hands, but I was really thinking… I hope they don’t have the swine flu.

Anyhow, the whole ceremony was very moving… yes, even though I got stuck sitting next to the lady who was showin off her ‘churchin skills’…  who knew every song by heart and sang them loudly – even the songs the audience wasn’t supposed to sing.  But hey, she smelled WONDERFUL!  I so should of  asked her what she was wearing!  She smelled like an alchemists shoppe I once visited.   If I could have nestled my nose in the nape of her neck I would of.  (If she wasn’t the loud singing lady I mean.)

Thanks for keeping those walls erect for me.  Til next time,

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