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Are You REALLY Surprised By Trump's Latest Hate Stunt?

Posted on the 30 November 2022 by Jobsanger
Are You REALLY Surprised By Trump's Latest Hate Stunt?
The talking heads on cable news seem to have lost their minds about Donald Trump's latest hate stunt -- having dinner with an antisemite (Kanye West) and a white supremacist (Nick Fuentes). They seem to be surprised about this.

I have to ask why. 

This is nothing new at all. Anyone who has been paying attention since Trump entered the political arena in 2016 has to know that. Donald Trump has never tried to hide his hateful beliefs.

Donald Trump is a racist.

Donald Trump is an antisemite.

Donald Trump is a misogynist.

Donald Trump is a homophobe.

Donald Trump is a xenophobe.

Trump has not only not tried to hide his hate beliefs -- he has actually campaigned on them. He knew that in the last decade or two, the haters took over the Republican Party. And being one of them, he used that to his advantage.

The media is also upset that most leading Republicans have not taken Trump to task for the hate dinner. But this is nothing new for them either. They know Trump is a hater, and they know the haters now control their party. They also know it would be political death to say or do anything about it (and like it or not, that makes them also haters).

I have always disagreed with the economic beliefs of the Republican Party, but I respected those beliefs -- and I believe this country needs two vibrant political parties. It allows for debate and compromise, and that's good for the country.

But this is not your father's Republican Party. They no longer have a political agenda worth debating. They are controlled by the haters, and only interested in spreading that hate (in the hope it will give them power).

Donald Trump knew that and used it to his own advantage. It's sad, but not surprising.

Donald Trump was just being Donald Trump

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