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Are You Ready to Get Married!!!

By Gayatri @LifeEssence2

You are not alone, hunting, to be in a relationship. There are 101milion singles in US, 46% of the total population. This majority of singles desire to be in committed relationship.Before getting into relationship you should know many things as you should understand yourself better. Ask some question to yourselfsuch as
·   What kind of a person you are by nature? Soft, hyper, kind, angry.·   What kind of a person you would like to adjust with?·   Can you communicate effectively?·   Can you discuss your feeling with others?·   Can you give space to others?·   How would you like to enjoy your life?·   Can u share the things which you enjoy?·   What you will do when you have free time?·   What kind of married life you are imagining?·   What you want from your partner?
These are the some questions about you. If you understand yourself, you won the half battle. If you are a hyper person then your married life with hyper person will not be much successful, it will be successful when you got married with calm or relaxed person. “Opposite attracts “may be for balancing. But one should ready to adjust with opposite nature persons.Are you ready to get married!!!Healthy communication is the second strongest pillar to faith in successful marriage. Develop faith in your partner and assure your partner with your words and behavior that he/she can have full faith in you. One should interact effectively with the partner, so that other will understand you and your needs. Being open minded is a key in maintaining and flourishing relationship, as it helps in reducing misunderstandings usually develops because of communication gaps. One should express one’s feelings with the other. Marriage made two people shared the things under one roof. Therefore person who wants to get in relationship must learn for share things with others. Anything Sharing such as feelings, responsibilities, emotions, finance etc.Painting a married life picture is very easy task, but transferring that picture into reality is very difficult. How you imagine your married life and what you got may be opposite to each other in spite of that opposition one should have the skill to balance between reality and imagination. Keeping positive attitude may change the picture of your married life which will lead you to have a life like a dream.   Many singles get in to marriage with dreamy eyes, especially females are often in hallucination that married life is like a ‘fairy tale’.  When reality caught them all dreams shattered. You should idealizes your partner but with touch of reality. No one is the perfect; we should learn to be idealized rather than to idealize.Getting into marriage means being together for all over life. Marriage tides two people in one family. Still married couples are the two different persons who have their own ability to think, their interest, their hobby, their own living standard. One should know that being different person he or she behave according to their own. We cannot change the person it will be manipulating. Are you ready to get married!!!It is general assumption that, the marriage was successful who have share common interests. It is not true. Love is the key factor of marriage. Lovewill cover multiple mistakes, miscues and missteps. Though you are married to opposite like’s person, differ in interest, differ in looks but you should love him/her. You should be like water which is able to mix with partner. Although, situation may not helpful in all the times, but, most of the time it is helpful. Undoubtedly, success is at your doorstep. Remember you are born to love. No one has a perfect marriage but the Lord gives us guidelines and principles to live in harmony with a spouse despite all our imperfections.
Before marrying are you ready for this·   Space to your spouse.·   Freedom to partner·   Taking interest in spouse interest.·   Control your emotions·   Financial freedom to your spouse ·   To take responsibility of children ·   Ready for spouse’s financial crisis.    With lot’s off love for soul mate
- Priyadarshini Hinge

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